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weekly face cleansing

The art of cleansing has evolved from simply washing to deep cleansing. The general purpose of face cleansing is to eliminate dirt, debris, microbes, acne, and black and whiteheads.

The face is the most important part of your body that presents your personality and makes your first impression. To look beautiful, skin color does not matter at all. Rather healthy and well-kept skin looks beautiful. Don’t agree with my point? Imagine what it would be like to have white skin with cracks and blackheads. 

Do you plan to start skincare but are confused about where to start? Or 

Have you damaged your skin either by ignoring it or applying excessive beauty products?

Here is the solution to all your facial care problems. So, Let’s dig in;

To maintain your skin healthy, it is very crucial to cleanse it on a daily and weekly basis. So, I’m proposing a deep face-cleansing method.


The first and utmost step of face cleansing is to remove your makeup. 

Weekly face cleansing routine- step by step guide, Make up cleanup

  • Remove eye makeup with cotton tissue gently.
  • You can remove makeup by washing it with lukewarm water only or you can also wash it with a good quality facewash. 
  • After washing, dry your face with a face towel gently.


 Never use perfumed bar soaps to wash your face because they may alter your skin’s pH.

STEAMING for face cleansing;

The second step, which is the secret of deep-cleaned skin, is steaming. Yes! You read the right because Steaming not only infuses moisture in your skin but unclogs pores to wipe all the dirt and debris out of pores. You might be wondering how to steam. Here is the method;

You can steam your face with a steamer. If the steamer is not available, don’t worry, you can use a vessel or pan. Boil water in it and steam on your face for 10 minutes.

Weekly Face Cleansing, Steaming

After steaming, remove white and blackheads with a blackhead remover.


Scrubbing the face to remove dead cells and blackheads is important.

For Oily skin: Scrub your face by mixing honey and sugar or honey and lemon juice.

For Dry skin: Scrub your face with a mixture of yogurt and Sugar or yogurt and Honey.

Weekly Face Cleansing, SCRUBBING/ EXFOLIATING;

And, the Good news is that adding a pinch of White flour and scrubbing by Tomato boosts the results 100x.


Different types of ready-made face masks are available in the market, but to be honest, none of those are without side effects. So, it is better to make a face pack at home. And guess what? You will have a variety of choices and you do not have to rush the market for ingredients. You will find all the ingredients in your kitchen.

  • Mix Basin and Tumeric with water or rose water if your skin is dry then you can use milk.
  • Apply the mixture with your fingertips in a circular motion on your face.

Important note;

  • Always keep in mind that try not to use brushes to apply face packs as they are home to microbes, rather use your fingertips.
  • Always apply anything on the face in a circular motion as it boosts blood circulation. 

Wait! Cleansing does not stop here; the end is two steps away making results long-lasting.


Treating your skin with toner is as important as cleansing itself. You might be wondering why. Here is the answer; Tonner maintains the pH of the Skin. Now if pH is not maintained what can happen? 

The normal pH of skin is 4.5-5.75, if your skin becomes too acidic then it will cause inflammation and if it is too alkaline, it may cause cracks and redness. The best tonners are Cucumber juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Rosewater.


Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and fresh. They are often seen as a beauty staple for their ability to keep skin hydrated. You can get a good quality moisturizer from the market or make it at home.

Honey and aloe vera gel mixture is a good moisturizer for daily use.


 Moisturizing your skin every single time you wash your face shows incredible results that no beauty products can show. 

  To sum up, Face Cleansing is the key to keeping your skin young and healthy. Apply all the above-mentioned steps to deep cleanse your face and you will be surprised by the results. Now it’s all over to you.


Now here I’m addressing the most asked question;                                                                                                             

How often should you cleanse your face? 

If you live indoors mostly, Clean your face once a week. If you are a university student or most of the time you face dust and sunlight then you must cleanse your face after every three days.

Is this routine for oily or dry skin?

This skincare routine is general and equally helpful for both oily and dry skin.

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