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wedding outfit for women and guests

Wedding is an important ritual in everyone’s life. In every tradition, people give special attention to the wedding ceremony. Wedding day is of special importance both for groom and bride as it is a day of new beginning. They are preparing for a new journey, Crafting new dreams, and looking forward to a happy life. Wedding dress has significant value for the wedding couple. They look for the best trendy outfit for their wedding ceremony.

In every country, there are different choices for wedding outfits depending upon their tradition. Surprisingly, We are here to discuss different traditions and their outfits for weddings. While choosing Attire for the wedding day, consider your tradition, trends, and skin tone. opt for the dress that look good on your body.

Afterward, we will take an overview of wedding outfit for women and guests of different countries.

wedding outfit for women

Wedding outfit for women in India

In India, the wedding outfit is sophisticated, full of colors, and vibrant. Indian brides mostly opt for short blouses and heavy embroidered Lehenga or Sari for their special day. Mostly, In traditional Indian weddings, the bride wears vibrant colors such as Red, Pink, Gold, or peach. The Bride’s attire reflects Cultural values, passion, and love. Indian Bride also chooses wedding dresses in different color combinations as you can pair Red with gold, white, and off-white.

wedding outfit for women-Indian bride's outfit

With the latest trends, the Brides look for minimal makeup and light-colored but heavily embroidered attires for their wedding day. The picture below shows cultural and modern Indian bride.

wedding outfit for women-India bridal outfit

indian wedding-Guest outfit

Being a guest at an Indian wedding you have several options to choose from. You can wear a Lehenga, sari, and wedding gown. Look for a traditional outfit rich in colors. You may also pick a wedding attire in color combination but always pair your attire with traditional accessories and makeup. Indian wedding is always full of fun, traditions, and colors that’s why your dress should also anticipate the traditional look.

wedding outfit for women-India wedding-guest outfit

Chinese bridal dress

Do you know what a bride wears on her wedding day in Chinese culture? Let me tell you some interesting facts.

Attire for Chinese bride is also a symbolic representation of their culture But it transformed from time to time. However, typically bride wears a red colored embroidered gown on her wedding day. This long gown that Chinese bride wears is known as qipao or cheongsam. Qipao is a single-piece dress although, the bride may choose to wear two-piece dress called Qun Kwa. Here are some interesting details about Chinese bridal dresses, As it is adored with golden embroidery showing phoenix and dragon signs. 

wedding outfit for women-Chinese bridal outfit

The Red color symbolizes love, happiness, celebrations, and good fortune in Chinese traditions. The Dragon and Phoenix on Chinese bridal dress symbolize Royalty and balance between the groom and bride.

Chinese wedding-Guest outfit

Are you thinking what to wear on a Chinese wedding? I have a proper guide to solve your problem.

To attend a Chinese wedding you should elect any warm colored dress. For example, you may opt for pink or peach-colored outfit. You can also go with purple, orange, and yellow colors. These colors symbolize joy, pleasure, and a new beginning. You should look for the traditional outfits of Chinese culture and don’t go in formal dress. Don’t wear black and white at Chinese weddings because in China culture these colors are symbols of bad luck. Red is associated with the bride so you should not go with it.

wedding outfit for women-Chinese wedding-guest outfit

Before attending a Chinese wedding you should ask about the dress code as it will help you to select the best option. You may choose a long gown, suit, or short skirt depending on the dress code.

Bridal Dress in Pakistan

Have you ever visited a Pakistani wedding?

It is full of tradition, colors, and enjoyment. Pakistan is an Islamic country so their outfits represent their religious values. They tend to wear modest and no revealing dresses at their wedding ceremonies. Let’s find out the best options to wear for a Pakistani bride. Outfit for a Pakistani bride can be a Lehenga along with a long shirt, Lehenga with a short embroidered shirt, a long frock along with churi daar pajamas, Sharara, and shirt, etc. The brides wear a heavily embroidered dobbatta on their wedding day.

wedding outfit for women-Pakistani bridal outfit

Pakistani brides usually tend to wear red or Maroon colors on their wedding day. But now wearing a dress with different color combinations is also in trend. In Pakistan, middle-class and lower-class families happily follow their traditional and spiritual values while selecting dresses for weddings.

Pakistani wedding-Guest outfit

As a guest at a Pakistani wedding, you should opt for a rich-coloured outfit. You can wear a Maxi, long or short frock, or Sharara with a shirt or frock, and can go with a Lehenga too. Pair your attire with Dobbatta and jewellery. Don’t wear revealing dresses while attending a Pakistani wedding.

wedding outfit for women-Pakistani wedding-guest outfit

While attending a Pakistani wedding you can go with different vibrant colors.

Korean bridal dress

In Korea, brides wear a Hanbok on their special day which is a traditional wedding attire in Korea. Hanbok is made up of light-weight fabric and usually designed in bright colors. But the bride may also go with a white colored gown. Korean wedding dresses are elegantly designed, give sophisticated vibes, and spread love and modesty.

Wedding outfit for women has a variety of designs and colors as Korean brides may opt for white or other pastel colors.

wedding outfit for women-Korean bridal outfit

Korean wedding-guest outfit

In Korea, colors are specified for the groom and bride’s family. Korean weddings normally include soft and light colors. Guests wear light-colored short skirts, maxis, or dresses to delve into the environment. Koreans go with formal attires at weddings.

wedding outfit for women-Korean wedding-guest outfit

Japanese wedding dress

In Japan, brides wear a Uchikake (a type of kimono) on their wedding day. This aesthetic dress is made of silk adorned with flowers that are a symbol of happiness and love. Japanese wedding dress can be of different vibrant colours but usually, it is red or white.

wedding outfit for women-Japanese bridal outfit

Japanese wedding-guest outfit

Wedding outfits for women as a guest At Japanese weddings are Formal kimono which is the traditional outfit of Japan.

wedding outfit for women-Japanese wedding-guest outfit

Bridal dress in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the bride is the centre of attention and engages everyone. wedding ceremony in Nigeria follows all the traditional and religious values. The Bride wears a long Kaftan-like dress along with, a gentle head tie wrapped at the head. The wedding dress is made up of Ankara fabric and the head tie is also in combination with the wedding dress.

The traditional wedding outfits for Nigerian weddings are called Yoruba Buba and Iro, Aso Ebi.

wedding outfit for women-Nigeria bridal outfit

Nigerian wedding-Guest outfit

Being a guest at a Nigerian wedding go with the traditional attire. You can choose to wear Kaftan, Yoruba Buba along with Iro, Aso Ebi, Ijaw outfit, traditional Ankara outfit and gele is must wear ensemble at a Nigerian wedding.

wedding outfit for women-Nigerian wedding-guest outfit

What should I wear as a guest at a wedding abroad?

Search for the traditional attires of the country, or ask for the dress code of a specific wedding. It will help you to decide what to wear at the wedding.

Can I wear jeans at a wedding?

It is not appropriate to wear jeans at a wedding, Look for the traditional outfits.

What should I wear to the desi wedding?

Being a girl you can wear Lehenga, Maxi, Or Gown rich in colours.

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