14 Ways to Prevent Acne and Pimples Naturally

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Ways to Prevent Acne and Pimples Naturally

Acne is a prevalent skin disorder that can cause pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pus, and infected cysts. Acne usually occurs when oil, dead skin cells, and other substances accumulate and obstruct the skin pores. Acne is due to bacteria, Propione acnes (P. acnes) persuades inflammatory processes in our skin pores.

There are causative factors of acne as inheritance, prolonged exposure to sunlight, specific medications, cosmetic use, and hormonal changes. Most of the teenage population is confronting this problem.

A skin expert or dermatologist will help you in this respect. But now, I have found a natural remedy for acne and pimples. I will inform you about 14 natural ways to eliminate acne and pimple problems.

Wash your face

Washing your dirty face twice a day will purify your face from dirt and oil, and open skin pores. Most people suggest mild cleansers and warm water for everyday use. Make a habit of oil-free moisturizer after washing.

Hair Washing

Another element in treating acne is keeping your hair clean. Excessive oil in your hair may travel to the face, ultimately worsening the acne. Washing your hair daily lessens sebum production. It will help to prevent acne, especially from areas close to the hairline. Always use guaranteed hair products because these by-products may cause pimples on the head and hairline.

Hair Washing

Abstain from harsh scrubbing

Scrubbing helps to eliminate dust particles from your skin pores, but intense scrubbing can regress the beneficial results. Scrub your skin with gentle hands in circular motions, using cotton balls and a soft brush to apply any mask. Abrupt scrubbing can irritate your skin which leads to inflammation.

harsh scrubbing

Stay hydrated

Hydrating your skin with a normal intake of water help to diminish acne and pimples. It’s advised by dermatologists to drink a minimum of 5 Liters of water, which makes your skin glare all day. Hydrating yourself may reduce stress lines on your face gives your skin a younger look and prevent skin aging.


Have a Healthy diet

Diet has a consequence on our whole body, face, and hair. Having a wholesome diet gives you beautiful skin. A person’s diet has a strong connection with the likelihood of developing pimples. Avoid junk and oily foods from a diet like high calories, sugar, carbonated drinks, and processed meals. You may talk with a dietician about a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet also enhances your skin’s beauty by decreasing signs of skin aging. So eat healthily and live long.

Healthy diet

Don’t pope and pick a pimple

It is not a good practice to squeeze a pimple as it may leave an ugly scar on your face that has an unpleasant impression and also generates further inflammation in different areas of the face. Use topical cream to decrease the appearance of blemishes. This procedure may prevent the formation of new pimples.

Don't pope and pick a pimple

Reduce your Stress level

Stress can deteriorate your overall health, influencing your face or hair. Stress can lead to premature aging. The more stress you adopt more pimples you get. Relax your body with exercises like yoga Tiachi. Take frequent breaks from working hours, love yourself, and enjoy your life. That would surely decrease your anxiety levels.


Wash your facial accessories

It is crucial to clean your facial accessories like makeup brushes, cleaning brushes, blenders, and all makeup materials you own. The chemicals retained in these cosmetics may harm your skin. It is beneficial to wash these facial accessories anytime soon after makeup.

Avoid excessive sun rays

People who take undue sun baths would likely get more pimples on their skin. Ultra Violet radiation (UV rays) can cause skin damage and skin cancer in many cases. Use sunscreen or avoid outdoor activities to shield yourself from harmful rays. Scientists proved how sunscreen use affected the appearance of skin aging.

Take Normal Sleep Daily

Doctors instructed eight hours of sleep daily for physical and mental health. The sleep cycle may affect your body, especially your skin. It imbalances your hormones that give rise to pimples and acne. Take Normal sleep daily. Sleep has various advantages for body health, especially for the skin helps to prevent premature aging.

Normal Sleep Daily


Smokers have more incidence of pimples and acne than non-smokers. No doubt smoking is an addiction that can cause extreme damage to your body. When you smoke lungs don’t get adequate clean air, and the body cells get rid of pure oxygen. Smoking can block skin pores, the skin cannot breathe in properly which causes acne and pimples. Smoking can lead to premature aging so quit it today.

Moisture your skin daily

Using the best quality moisturizer can assist you in accomplishing glowing skin without acne and pimples. Apply a moisturizer with a soft hand on your face twice a day, and you will get incredible results within a week.

Moisture your skin daily


Honey has been used for many centuries to cure different skin problems. Honey includes antioxidants that clear clogged skin pores. Due to its anti-microbial effect, it is the safest and easiest way to terminate acne and pimples. Mix honey with milk and use this mask daily on your pimples and get the desired results. The mixture of honey and yogurt creates a nourishing mask that lightens dark spots on the skin to avoid signs of aging.

Coconut Oil

While discussing skin remedies, how can we ignore the use of Coconut oil? Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds that make it the best oil for the skin. This specialty of coconut oil helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce the risk of swelling and redness in the skin. Coconut oil boosts the process of healing open acne pores. Apply virgin coconut oil directly on acne and enjoy the remarkable results from it.

Coconut Oil

I must say that these natural ways would help you to vacate your acne and pimples. Although these remedies cannot solve this problem permanently they are worth trying to control pimples and acne. Hope, this article will aid you a lot in your acne problem. Thanks, me later for these natural ways for the removal of acne and pimples.

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