Top 17 Wrist Watch Brands

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Top 17 Wrist Watch Brands

Time management is an important aspect of personality. Punctual individuals always manage their time properly. A wristwatch plays a vital role in keeping a good account of time, besides style and luxury. A number of wristwatch brands are available. Final selection is generally driven by affordability, personal choice, and style. However, it is quite noticeable that the use of wristwatches has been restricted to being a fashionable accessory these days. It has become a part of everyday wear. Nevertheless, it does not undermine the importance of watches. You may not struggle to find the best watch for yourself, as we have listed some top watch brands. These come in different styles, designs, and colors, choosing from which will add value to your personality. 

1. Sveston Watches

Sveston is a famous brand offering watches with style and luxury. Its Luxury watch case is admired all over the world if you are thinking of gifting it to your loved ones. They offer watches for both genders.

Sveston Watches


2. Chanel

Best known for their elegance and sophistication, Chanel watches have their own place when it comes to choosing a wristwatch. Chanel has surely made a name in introducing some marvelous wristwatches after its well-established fame in clothing and purse designs. Chanel perfumes are among one of the top perfumes brand in Pakistan.

chanel Watches

3. Cartier

If you like sleek designs with bright colors, Cartier may be the best choice. It provides a vast variety of slim to thin structures, not compromising on elegance and sleekness.


4. IWC Schaffhausen

One of the historic brands offers classic as well as modern pieces. The artistic touch suits most of the personalities. The luxurious brand offers choice-based products as well. Watches are made with costly materials including gold, and diamond, besides low-price ranger products made up of silver

IWC Schaffhausen

5. Swiss

Brawling The Swiss have their own place when it comes to watchmaking skills. It is the preferred choice for style and beauty lovers. Most products offer additional features, including the availability of a compass to go with the standard timepiece characteristics. 

Swiss watches

6. Chopard

This brand is tailor-made for women who want to see their watches as jewelry pieces. Marvelous designs are available embedded with gemstones and diamonds, adding a touch of shine, brightness, and style. 


7. Montblanc 

Famous pen manufacturing brand offers amazing watches. It offers timepieces with multiple features to suit the choice. The visually stunning designs will surely complement to you personally. 


8. Bulgari 

The Italian brand is known for its fashionable designs instead of daily wear pieces. Diamond and Rose Gold feature adds an artistic touch to the watch pieces. 


9. Zenith 

A unique Zenith watch will add wonders to your personality due to style and creative designs. The customized characteristics of this brand mark it as one of the best choices for everyday wear.


10. Rado

One of the most famous Swiss is full of innovative designs. Eye-catching colors are tailor-made for every event. 


11. Gucci

Gucci to go with a belt, purse, and sunglasses. The watch of this renowned Italian brand has multiple features. Gucci sunglasses are among one of the top sunglasses brand in Pakistan.


12. Versace

Versace For decades, the Italian brand has been known for its fashionable watch pieces to go with other items. 


13. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Affordable brand offers a variety of designs. It has a simple yet elegant touch.

Emporio Armani

14. Rolex 

 Rolex World’s most recognizable watch brand offers stylish and robust designs. 


15. Citizen

Citizen is one of the historic and famous brands for its high quality which is loved by everyone.


16. Tag Heuer

 Lightweight, stylish products of Tag Heuer are a perfect fit for people who like sleek designs

Tag Heuer

17. Seiko 

The reliable brand offers robustly designed watches. Everybody loves these watches.



Watch brands have become a status symbol in society. The final selection depends upon personal choice and affordability.

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