Top Ladies Perfume Brands In Pakistan

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Top Ladies Perfume Brands In Pakistan

Perfumes contain multiple benefits. Some of these include boosting confidence, creating a good impression, and reducing the effects of smell and sweat.

Calvin Klein Perfumes

Famous international apparel brand is widely used. Obsession is the top-ranked ladies’ perfume from Calvin Klein. Physical stores and Online sell Calvin these fragrances. They also forms hand bags. Calvin Klein hand bags are among the top hand bags brand in Pakistan.

J. Perfume

These perfumes have a lasting fragrance with a delicate aroma. The refreshing and subtle pink shade makes it stand out. The main notes consist of rose, peony, and citrus with fruity and floral feelings. The brand is available online as well as in all J. stores. 


WB By Hemani Perfumes

Famous television celebrity Waseem Badami owns this brand. An outstanding aspect of this brand is the composition of perfumes from natural ingredients. Since its launch, the popularity and acceptance of this brand have increased manifold. These are available at WB by Hemani stores in addition to online sales.


Bonanza Satrangi Perfumes

Falak perfume by Bonanza Satrangi is purely designed for creative minds. Elegant and sophisticated packaging gives a soothing effect. Most liked shades include Strawberry, plum, raspberry, and peach. Bonanza Satrangi recommends spraying it on your clothes in hot weather. 

Gucci Perfumes

The fragrance gives the best feeling of natural scent. Guilty Pour Femme is a widely famous perfume. It offers a smell of Mediterranean fruit known as Mandora. Different shades of these perfumes are available in Pakistan in different price ranges. Gucci sunglasses are among one of the top sunglasses brand in Pakistan.


Khaadi Perfumes

Khaadi brand also offers perfumes in addition to clothing. Orange Bloom is the most liked perfume by ladies in Pakistan. Packing of the perfumes gives a vibrant and refreshing look. 


Remy Marquis Perfumes

This international brand is liked by both men and women alike. For women’s shades, it has a robust feminine tone beached in floral notes. The addition of fruity notes takes its scent to a whole new level.

Remy Marquis

Chanel Perfumes

Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Perfume has a refreshing and tempting scent. The May rose and jasmine shade reveals the heart while the orange note touches the senses. All shades are easily available in big stores in Pakistan.



The Dua Brand Perfumes

TUX perfume of the Dua Brand is the most liked fragrance by ladies in Pakistan. Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo inspires it. The pepper and patchouli notes are matched by the charming aroma of vanilla, which results in a profound scent. 


Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Bombshell Oudwomen Edp of international brand Victoria’s Secret is best suited for modern women. It has a long-lasting sweet fragrance. Its delicate floral and citrus undertones give you the power to be noticed by people around you. It is widely used by top models. 

Victoria's Secret

Hugo Boss Perfumes

These perfumes have characteristics of modernism, confidence, and femininity. Its brand has had a touch of modern sense with the green freshness of cactus flowers. Rosebuds are utilized along with pink freesia and jasmine to symbolize feminine touch. In Pakistan, it is among the best perfumes for women.

Hugo Boss

Estee Lauder Perfumes

Beautiful Magnolia of Estee Lauder has a delectable combination of flowery notes like ylang-ylang, jasmine, and roses. The fruity tones of peaches, citrus oils, and raspberries make it one of the superlative female perfumes in Pakistan for all kinds of occasions. 

Estee Lauder

Tom Ford Perfumes

Velvet Orchid Lumière of Tom Ford Perfumes has exciting mandarin and Italian bergamot aromas. It has a tint of alcohol component as well. It uplifts the strength of the mind and boosts confidence. 

Tom Ford

Allure Beauty Perfumes

Allure Beauty offers Asghar Ali OUD Exotic Perfume. Musk perfume is famous for all genders. Persistence throughout the day with a sweet scent is the hallmark of this brand. For best results, application onto your pulse points is recommended. It has an appealing citrus and woody ambery combination to go with notes of amber, jasmine, rose, and cedarwood. The tint of bergamot, patchouli, and sandalwood adds delight to the scent.

Allure Beauty

Summing Up

The guidelines on top ladies’ perfumes in Pakistan have been listed keeping in view aspects like the soothing scent, popularity level, and budget-friendly. In addition, these are safe and available in aesthetic packaging. For that reason, whenever looking for ladies’ perfumes, the above-listed options may be considered.

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