Top 14 Jewelry Brands in Pakistan

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Top 14 Jewelry Brands in Pakistan

Every woman likes jewelry and has significant jewels stocked in her jewelry box. Women have different jewelry for all occasions, whether it’s a wedding, formal event, or simply a hang out with friends, putting on jewelry is a woman’s first preference.

Moreover, there are different choices for jewelry, some women love gold while others have an affection for silver. Diamonds are trendy too.

However, artificial jewelry is more popular among young girls. The best jewelry brands in Pakistan are:

1. Damas Jewellers

Damas is one of the top brands in Pakistan. It is a multi-national brand mostly its branches are present in the Middle East. They make their jewelry with care, in an interesting way, and with utmost perfection. Damas Jewelres have different Sub Brands like  Forevermark, OneSixEight, and Vera.


2. Hanif Jewellers

Hanif Jewellers are known for their sensational and beautiful jewelry collection. Every Pakistani knows them since they formed 4 decades ago. They make intricate, fine, and unique jewelry. They offer dazzling and stunning pieces. They also have beautiful watches. If you are looking for the best accessories and jewelry, you will not be disappointed by this brand.


3. ARY Jewellers

ARY jewelers are well-known in Pakistan. They offer fabulous necklaces, gold earrings, and rings. The special aspect of ARY Jewellers is that they offer 18, 20, and 22 karats of gold jewelry which no other brands in Pakistan Offer. They made diamond and silver jewelry too, which are available in Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore but most people like their classic gold jewelry. You can also buy their jewelry from their online website.


4. Needles Jewellers

Needles Jewellers were established in 2012, and in less time it becomes the top leading jewelry store that is based online. Zirkon and Kundan are used in their craft. This brand is known for Its bracelets, which are popular due to their shine and dazzle. Their gleaming collection is more suitable for women of any age.

needles jewellers

5. Almas Jewellers

Almas Jewellers was established in 1978 in Lahore. Due to its popularity and success, Almas Jewelers has reached as far as Dallas Texas in the USA. Their standards and quality are too high. Customers mostly like their gold lockets and bracelets. They offer wedding 3-piece bridal sets, Jahaiz sets, chokers, huge gold necklaces, and hanging earrings.

Almas Jewellers

6. Tesoro Jewellers

Tesoro is gradually becoming one of the best Pakistani jewelry brands. They offer traditional and contemporary designs along with handbags and sunglasses. Tesoro’s traditional jewelry is motivated by the Mughal era. It is a benchmark in all jewelry brands. If you are looking for the latest, elegant, and graceful jewelry then Tesoro is the right choice.


7. Patiala Jewellers

The Patiala House is another favorite Pakistani jewelry brand for all occasions. Their outlet is located in Jinnah Super Market Islamabad. They offer adorable, tiny, and cute button earrings which are coupled with matching pendants, bangles, and studs. They also boast intricate Karras and rings of solitaire.


8. Solitaire Jewellers

Solitaire has the best diamond jewelry collection. If you have a heart for diamond jewelry, then this brand would be loved by you for its impeccable collections. They have both huge rocks diamond and tiny cluster diamonds. Many women love pearl-cut diamond necklaces and princess-cut diamond earrings from Solitaire Jewellers.


9. Afzal Jewellers

Afzal Jewellers may be your first preference for its Diamond and Gold jewelry. They were awarded the ‘Best Jewelers Award of the Year’ in 2017 at IPPA London. If you are looking for high-class diamonds or gold sets for the brides then it is a good choice for you. Their designers put intricate finishing in each jewelry piece.


10. Rabia Mustafa

This brand is famous for extraordinary artificial jewelry which includes Kundan, zircon, Meenakari, and pearls. The jewelry sets are astonishing and beautifully designed. Single pearl earrings and stylish Kundan Jhumkay are the specialties of Rabia Mustafa All the items are highly affordable, so you do not have to worry about your budget. You can order them online from their website


11. Hamna Amir Jewellers

Hamna Amir Jewellers offers the most diverse and versatile collections. Their jewelry includes diamond sets, bangles, pearls, diamond earrings, bridal sets, diamond rings, gold necklaces, bracelets, and much more. Hamna Amir offers jewelry with colored Kundan which is perfect for traditional occasions and weddings. They incorporate beautiful stones in their jewelry.


12. Chandi Mahal Silver Jewelry

Chandi Mahal is among one of the Top silver jewelry brands in Pakistan. It is established in Nazimabad, Karachi. They offer both formal and casual wear collections which are highly affordable and in range for everyone. Chandi Mahal offers earrings, bangles, bracelets, chooriyan, anklets, and much more. You can check their products from their Facebook page “Chandi Mahal trendy silver jewelry store”.

Chandi  Mahal Jewellers

13. Zaheen Kamran

This brand is established by Zaheen Kamran. Who is the graduate of PIFD. Their jewelry includes metalwork and handcrafted jewelry. They use Rhodium and 22-carat gold. Their designers adopt Kundan, Sada Kari, Polk, Madrasi, and Jarao styles and traditional techniques of jewelry.

Zaheen Kamran

14. Jewelex

Jewelex is a famous brand that has unique silver jewelry. Jewellex has been providing top-notch products for more than 20 years.  Silver is perfect for routine use, women can not wear gold all the time. The accessories of silver are easy to wear and beautifully crafted.  Most women love wearing silver studs and silver rings. They provide delicate designs and quality. Silver is their specialty but they also create gold jewelry,


Summing Up

Jewelry is an everyday wear accessory that every woman loves to wear. You will hardly see a woman, who is not wearing any jewelry item. Like women from all around the world, Pakistani women love adorning themselves with traditional, as well as modern styles of artificial and gold jewelry. Diamond is also trendy nowadays.

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