Sneaker trends for women and men in 2024

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Sneaker trends

Sustainability has always been no longer a fashion to talk about for the sneaker business but a trend. Organizations have resorted to using eco-friendly materials and methods when developing their brands to minimise the negative impacts imparted on the natural setting. Some of the leading global footwear manufacturers are now using materials like recycled plastic bottles, recycled rubber and several other eco-friendly and easy-to-wear materials to design more modern and comfortable sneakers. For instance, Adidas goes on to experiment in the Parley series where they create a collection of shoes using ocean plastic. Let’s dive into the details of the latest sneaker trends.

Sneaker trends

sneaker with technology integration

Other trends include the insertion of advanced technology in designing and constructing sneakers. These innovations increase systems’ ability, structure and components, comfort, and even connectivity. Smart sneakers are the new form of wearable technology that not only helps to monitor the fitness parameters of the feet but also offers counter-adjustable cushioning and can connected to the various apps for the studying results at once. This is illustrated by Under Armour’s HOVR series which has sensors that track running impacts and metrics.

Adidas is amongst the brands that have been most aggressive in the use of 3D printing technology to manufacture midsole components that provide personalized levels of support and agreeableness. This kind of innovation is seen in the Adidas 4D series, which allows one to peek into the future of customized shoes. Now, here, wearables science fiction fanatics have seen come to life with shoes like Nike’s Adapt BB. Our company developed a pair of shoes that contain electronic systems that can adjust the size and shrink or expand depending on the required size.

sneaker trends-technology integration

Classic return

This might be a reference to the famous sneaker nostalgia and passion for the past trends that are prominent in the fashion industry. Nowadays, people still receive a good share of influence from the styled clothing of the 80s, 90s, and the first years of the twenty-first century. Large sole and obvious logos: chunky sneakers with its dramatic oversized soles and conspicuous designs dubbed as “dad shoes” are now welcome. Two famous models are Balenciaga’s Triple S and Fila’s Disruptor; both of those sneakers are examples of this style.

The current trend of fashion repeat is a revival of quite popular models of the 90s and even earlier. Nike Air Max and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes continue to be trendy, loved by many not only because of their simplicity but also for their ability to be worn all year round. In general, high-top sneakers, and specifically those that are sports-inspired, specifically basketball, are making a comeback. Shoes such as the Air Jordan series and Reebok’s Pump may come of age but have all been revived by these youngsters who appreciate the looks and the classics.

sneaker customization trend

Today, consumers are more particular about their choices. Especially about what they want to wear and as such, there are more opportunities for customized sneakers. Sneaker brands such as Nike and Adidas implement systems that allow customers to choose a colour and material. Even customers can endorse a text on the sneaker. Nike By You, and Adidas Miadidas are two good examples of this service. Sneaker collaborations with artists/celebrities often bring about exclusive looked-for collaborations or releases.

These partnerships not only make the creations popular but also afford fans jumpers and shirts that dry art. Notable musicians who have teamed up include the famous musician Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh jumper musics. Apart from the formal customization that the companies are doing, there are more personalized forms of customization. The people themselves get into the sneakers and get them painted, stitched or covered in different materials. This is especially prevalent on Instagram and TikTok apps where many of them post their personalized outfits and strategies online.

Sneaker trends-customization

Neon shades and soft pastel sneakers

Classic white sneakers are a timeless fashion essential. In 2024 vibrant and bold colors are stealing the spotlight. Neon shades and soft pastel tones are all the rage embodying a lively style. Popular brands, like Puma and New Balance, are introducing collections featuring eye-catching colours that make a statement. This trend plays with contrasting color blocks on parts of the sneakers creating a design that sparks creativity and visual allure. Notable examples include the Nike Air Max 270 React and Asics Gel Lyte III.

simplicity and comfort

On the side, there is a rise in the popularity of practical sneaker designs. These shoes prioritize simplicity, comfort and versatility. Crisp white sneakers remain a choice for their straightforward elegance and ability to complement any outfit effortlessly. Leading models such as Common Projects Achilles Low and Axel Arigatos 90 showcase this aesthetic beautifully. Apart from kicks, monochromatic options, in black, beige or grey offer a subtle appearance valued for their adaptability and timeless style.
Companies such, as Allbirds and Everlane place importance on using materials and designing, for comfort appealing to individuals who appreciate both functionality and style.

Nike and Veja are two companies among many others that are specifically designing footwear with biodegradable material that will decompose naturally within a given time. Besides, using wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest in production ensures the use of environmentally friendly material and helps local communities. This is especially so due to increased veganism where consumers are looking for sneakers that are free from animal products. Companies like Stella McCartney and Matt & Nat have developed fashionable luxury vegan goods that consumers with such values would be willing to purchase.

sneaker trends-sustainable sneakers


In the end, the sneaker trends of 2024 replicate a diverse array of effects and innovations. Sustainability is at the vanguard, with brands making full-size strides in green substances and methods. Technological improvements are enhancing the functionality and attraction of shoes, from smart capabilities to 3-D printing. The revival of retro patterns brings a nostalgic allure, while customization options cater to male or woman expression. Bold colours and minimalist designs offer contrasting aesthetics, and the effect of streetwear keeps forming the market. Finally, athleisure fashion underscores the demand for versatile shoes that fit seamlessly into ordinary existence. As the sneaker tradition evolves, those developments highlight the dynamic interaction among style, generation, and sustainability, making sure that shoes stay a crucial and ever-evolving part of contemporary style.

Which sneaker will be popular in 2024?

3D-printed, Neon shades and soft pastel sneakers, sustainable sneakers, and comfortable and simple sneakers will be in trend in 2024.

What is a silver trend in sneakers?

The integration of metallic colours in sneakers is known as the silver trend.

Is Adidas still in style in 2024?


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