Planter warts Cause, Treatment, and prevention

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Planter warts causes, treatment and prevention

Foot warts, also called Planter warts are caused by any of 100 strains of Human Papilloma Virus HPV that enter the body via a break of skin or injury and cause pain and irritation when pressure is applied during walking. Foot warts are small holes on the soles of your feet surrounded by thick skin. 

Planter warts Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Appearance of Foot warts;

Planter warts are rough in shape, and they are grey. They split the skin lining and have black and brown spots called warts seed, warts seeds are broken capillaries.

Types of Planter warts;

Warts are of different types, like Genital warts, Filiform warts, etc. Out of these types of warts, Foot warts are divided into two types;

I. Myrmecial Type Planter warts

Marmecial-type Planter warts are caused by HPV-1. They are smooth surfaced and soft in appearance. These soft lesions remain unnoticed at the start because they are too tiny. As they grow and spread they start causing Pain. They have black and Brownish spots.

II. Mosaic Type Planter warts

Mosaic-type plantar warts are very tiny and exist in the form of clusters. These warts are flat in look and less painful than Marmecial-type plantar warts.

Risk factors of Planter Warts

Weak immune system

  • Injuries to skin
  • Cracked heels and sole
  • Diabetes
  • Swimming in the public swimming pool
  • Nail biting
  • Direct touch to warts
  • Scratching of warts
  • Insufficient care to your feet
  • Walk barefoot, especially in locker rooms and public places.

How do you differentiate between a Callus and a Wart?

It’s straightforward to identify a Wart, Doctors identify it by examining the bumps. Warts are different from Callus in many ways.


  1. A callus is a thick skin that forms as a result of skin damage or excessive growth of cells. On the other hand, a wart is a tiny hole surrounded by thick skin.
  2. Another way to identify a wart is to observe the skin lining, warts break your skin and your skin lining doesn’t continue while on a callus skin lining doesn’t break, it continues to grow.
  3. Callus is a mass of skin cells that accumulates onto your skin surface, while warts penetrate your skin and grow inward your skin.
  4. Callus are formed due to repeated friction such as tight shoes. Warts are formed because of viral infection.

Treatment of Planter warts at Home

You can get rid of Footwarts by following simple home remedies. If you have a weak Immune system then it may take longer to recover from warts.

Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid

These acids remove dead skin layers. If you soak your feet in a diluted solution of any of these acids, your skin softens and dead skin is peeled off. Apply acid regularly for 3 months to get rid of warts.

OTC Freezing sprays

OTC sprays are different from Cryotherapy, you can apply sprays on warts, which causes blisters to lift warts.


Iodine solution can help you to get rid of dead skin. It peels off warts of skin layers. It may take 2-3 months to get rid of warts.

Duct tape method

Duct- tape method

Duct tape is the best way to get rid of foot warts. I used it myself and it worked well. Sanitize your wart, dry it, and apply duct tape. Change your duct tape every day and sanitize. Rub your warts with a pumice stone of foot files every 3 days. Sanitize your Pumice stone after using and when you get rid of the warts, throw away the pumice stone and do not use it again.  Keep doing this for a week or more.

Clinical Treatment of Planter Warts

Remember in teens and children, warts usually disappear without any effort. But if you’re an adult; you have to do something to treat warts otherwise they will keep coming back.

There are some clinical treatments listed below that are used to treat serious and stubborn warts that keep coming back.


In this, doctors freeze your warts by using liquid Nitrogen. It is painful so they numb the area first. Freezing causes blisters to form that lift warts from the skin. It may take 4 months to get rid of warts completely.


It is the surgical removal of warts before excision anesthesia is given to the patient so that he does not have to bear the pain.

Electrosurgery/ Curettage;

Warts are burnt with the help of Heats hock. Warts release the protein (which is the genetic material of viral particles) into the blood, which activates the immune system. The immune system fights with HPV.

Laser, Immunotherapy;

It is the last solution to treat the warts with a laser.

How to prevent Foot warts?

Maintaining Hygiene is the basic key to preventing most infections. You can prevent Planter warts by following some hygienic tips likes;

  • Wash your feet often with sanitizers.
  • Disinfect your nail files and nil clippers after using it.
  • Do not share your items like nail clippers, towels, foot files, pumice stones, etc.
  • Do not touch warts directly if you get them, to prevent them from spreading.
  • If you are having a Pedicure at the saloon, make sure they use new foot files and disinfected tools. Ask to disinfect the bucket as well.
  • HPV Vaccine: HPV vaccine is given to children of age between 12-14. HPV vaccine prevents you from all types of warts that are caused by to Human Papilloma Virus.
Are Planter warts contagious?

yes, these are contagious and they can spread even by a mere touch.

Is there any difference between Planter and Periungual warts?

Planter warts are formed at the soles of your feet, while Periungual warts are formed around the hand nails and toenails. They are also different in their appearance.

Can Planter warts cause cancer?

No, they are not cancerous or fatal. They are painful and irritating because of their location.

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