Pictures of age spots on face – hands, arms, and legs

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Pictures of age spots

We are here with another informational piece of writing. Which is about age spots. let’s find out what are age spots.

Have you ever noticed round-shaped dark or brown patches on your face or hands? These brown spots are age spots.

Age spots are dark-coloured patches that appear on your skin mainly due to sun exposure for a long time. People of all skin types can be affected by age spots and these spots will not fade on their own. In this writing, we are going to delve into what are age spots and how they look on different body parts. We will also gaze upon pictures of age spots.

Let’s start.

what are age spots?

As we discussed earlier, age spots are dark brown, grey, or black spots that appear on the skin with most sun exposure. If your skin is exposed to sun for years this can cause age spots to appear. These age spots can be single or can combine to form a big dark patch.

To put it differently, we can say harmful UV rays coming from the sun are responsible for covering up your skin with age spots. So it is important to protect your skin from the sun by applying sunblock or sunscreen.

Pictures of age spots- what are age spots

Age spots on face

Age spots on face can be in the forms of many small circles as shown below in the picture. Here are the pictures of age spots on face.

Pictures of age spots-face

The small spots may combine and cause a big age spot on the skin.

Pictures of age spots-face

spots on hands

Age spots affect the parts of skin that are exposed to sun for example face, hands, arms, legs, etc.

Pictures of age spots-on hands

spots on arms

Pictures of age spots-on arms

spots on Legs

Pictures of age spots-on legs

Treatment of age spots

There are some treatments listed below to deal with age spots. But it’s better to add a wide-spectrum sunscreen to your skincare routine. A proper skincare routine can save your skin from such hazards.


Doctors recommend different creams and lotions to treat age spots. But this treatment is time-consuming and works gradually, you have to apply these lotions or creams once or twice a day for days or even for months.

Creams or Lotion enriched in hydroquinone or retinoids are suggested to treat age spots.

Laser treatment 

If you want an instant and long-lasting treatment for age spots then Laser treatment is the best choice. Even only few sessions are enough to fade out these spots. But this treatment may cause some side effects that diminish after some time.

Chemical peel

It is another beneficial treatment to fade dark spots. This process removes dead skin cells and aids new cells to grow. Chemical peel may also cause some side effects as burning, redness, swelling, or dryness.


Cryosurgery is a common treatment for age spots. In this process, Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze age spots and when the skin heals age spots fade out. There may be some side effects of this process as blister, swelling, pain, or redness.

What is the main reason for age spots?

The main reason for age spots is sun exposure. It increases the melanin production in the skin which causes the darkening of the skin.

How can I treat age spots?

Here are some suggestions you go with to treat age spots.
Use medication(hydroquinone or retinoids)
Chemical peel
Laser treatment

Which deficiency causes age spots?

According to a study, The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause age spots to appear on your skin.

Which is the best solution for age spots?

If you want a quick and long-lasting solution to treat your age spot then go for a Laser treatment. One to two sessions of laser will help to fade out age spots.

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