HOW TO DO Pedicure at Home- Step-by-Step Guide

Farat Abdul Razzaq

How to do Pedicure at home- Step by step guide

Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails to remove dead skin and make your feet clean and relaxed. The word Pedicure is a combination of two Latin words i.e., Pedis-foot and cure-care. So pedicure is the care of feet.

Many people do not consider Pedicures a worthy process to invest time and money, due to the lack of knowledge about its benefits.  Sometimes it’s just the shortage of money or time that hinders you from going to the saloon for a pedicure. Oftentimes, just like me, you avoid going to a salon for a Pedicure just because you are not sure if they use sanitized tools for each customer or not so you are afraid of getting an infection.

Dont worry! I am here with the solution to all your problems related to foot care. To your surprise, you can have a pedicure at home, even better than a Saloon by following very easy steps at home.

Pedicure at home

Benefits of Pedicure:

Before you get to know about the steps to perform the foot care process. You must know about the importance of Pedicure treatment. So, you do not get bored and enjoy the process.

Prevent Infection

Pedicure treatment prevents microbes and infection-causing bacteria. Through this treatment, you also get rid of dirt and foot odor.

Early Detection of Foot Warts

When you perform foot care, you can easily detect foot warts and calluses very early and treat them before they get worse and hurt you.

Prevent Cracked Heels

Pedicure after every fortnight or month prevents you from getting your heels cracked. And if you already have cracked heels, a Pedicure will help you to recover. If you do it regularly.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

Pedicure massage stimulates blood circulation in your feet and you feel active and healthy.

Relieve Backpain

Sometimes due to tired feet, your body is disturbed because of the uneven distribution of weight on your legs. This results in back pain. Pedicure relaxes your feet and relieves back pain.

Build Confidence

When you have clean feet, it gives you the confidence to walk by wearing sandals without being worried about your damaged heels. Furthermore, a sense of cleanliness boosts your mental health.

Pedicure at Home Step-by-Step Guide

You can follow the easy steps explained below to give a Pedicure treatment yourself;

Set up your space and collect tools:

For a Pedicure, make sure you have at least 50 minutes. You can set up your tools on the floor. First of all, you need to collect the following things required for the Pedicure.  

  • Nail Polish remover (If applicable)
  • Cotton pads
  • Pumice stone/ loofah
  • Nail clipper
  • 1 Lemon
  • Bathtub/ bucket
  • Towel
  • Shampoo 
  • Epsom salt
  • Nail files
  • Foot cream/ lotion
  • Toe separator
  • Cuticle oil
  • Flip-flop sandals

Remove Nail paint

Remove nail paint if you have applied it. Prefer acetone-containing nail paint remover because it removes nail paint by just soaking your nails into it for a while. Take a cotton pad soaked in nail paint remover, keep it on the nails for a while, and then rub it to remove the paint.

Soak Your Feet:

Take warm water in a Bucket/ bathtub. Add some Epsom salt (or ordinary salt), Lemon juice, and Shampoo. Then soak your feet into the water and relax for 15 minutes. 

Exfoliate your feet:

After 15 minutes of soaking, take a clean sanitized Pumice stone and remove dead skin. Focus on heels and do not forget to clean between the toes. After exfoliating, wash your feet with warm water and gently try it with a towel.

Exfoliate your feet

 Pro-tips;  Do not rub Pumice stone very harshly, it may irritate or may hurt your feet.  Always sanitize your Pumice stone before or after using it. Do not share your Pumice stone with others.

Trim and Shape your Toenails:

Trim your nails with a nail clipper and give them any shape you want. Shape your nails by using nail files.

Apply Cuticle oil:

Apply cuticle oil to and around the nails. It protects your nails from microbes and makes them hard to break.

Apply Cuticle oil
Apply cuticle oil

Massage your Feet:

This is the most exciting step of the foot-care process and like me, you are gonna love it. Massage your feet with foot cream or Lotion by applying pressure at certain points like mid or lower foot side, ankles, foot pads/ heels, etc.

Massage your feet for at least 10 minutes.

Apply base-coat layer:

After massage, remove cuticle oil from nails with a cotton pad. Apply the base coat to your nails if you’re planning to apply nail paint. The base coat separates the nail’s natural oil and nail paint and protects the nails.

Apply Nail paint:

Before you apply nail polish, apply toe separators between the toes. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can roll along tissue paper and use it as a toe separator.

Apply Nail Paint

Apply nail paint of the color of your choice. Two thin coats of paint are enough. Make sure to dry the first coat before applying the second coat. 

Apply the Top coat:

Now, apply a clear coat of polish on your nails and it’s all done with a pedicure. The top coat must be worn to protect your nail paint and make it long-lasting. 

Wear Flip-flops:

After the pedicure, as your feet are moisturized, do not wear socks or shoes immediately after the treatment. Instead, wear flip-flops so that moisture may absorb well into your feet’ skin.


After the Pedicure, clean your space and keep all the tools back in place. 

Pedi is a long process but it’s worth doing it. It’s good for your feet health. Try this at home and comment below on the amazing benefits of doing this to inspire others to care for their feet as they deserve to be cared for.

Can men give Pedicure treatment to their feet?

Pedicure is important for feet health, as men work in factories and hard places like to build roads. They are more likely to get foot warts. So, if they do Pedicures regularly the chances of infections and warts decreases. Pedicure is as necessary as other body parts’ care.

Can I do Pedicure in winters?

In winters, your feet are mostly covered and you wear shoes ususally the whole day. So you can get more chances of infection and odour in your feet, this is because you must not skip your Pedicure in winters.

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