Pakistani FEMALE Celebrities with Aesthetic Dressing Sense

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Pakistani Celebrities with Good Dressing Sense

Dressing shows aesthetic sense. It is a reflection of personality. Pakistani celebrities are among the best when it comes to dressing sense. Nevertheless, few celebrities stand out from others due to their better aesthetic sense. 

Sara Khan

She has an excellent dressing sense may it be Western and Eastern attire.

dressing -sarahkhan4

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane has a real fashion sense. Everything she wears turns out to be perfect. She loves colorful dresses. 

dressing -urwahocaine

Ayesha Omer

She has an adorable dressing sense. She knows which outfit to be worn as per the occasion. 

dressing -ayshaomer

Kubra Khan 

Her Western dressing style is most famous as she has spent most of her time in London. However, like her improvement in Urdu speaking, her Eastern dressing sense has also improved with time. 

dressing - kubrakhan

Aiman Khan

Her elegant dress speaks volumes of her dressing sense. She looks gorgeous in any attire.

dressing - aimankhan


Ayza Khan

She is a beautiful actress. Her dress has always been admired. She is considered to be a trendsetter of Eastern attire. She picks up dresses after thorough deliberation. 

dressing - aizakhan

Saboor Ali

Like her sister Sajal Ali, Saboor never fails to impress the audience with her dress. 

dressing - saboorali

Mahira Khan

Multi-talented Mahira is one of the top models with mesmerizing fashion and dressing sense. 

dressing - mahirakhan

Maya Ali

She has a sober taste when it comes to dressing. Her attire is seen to be refreshing, fashionable yet simple.

dressing - mayaali


Saba Qamar

The versatile actress has a matchless fashion sense. She is normally the first choice of each brand when it comes to advertisement. 

dressing -sabaqamar

Summing Up

Dressing sense comes naturally. However, it can always be improved. Body type, personal choice, occasion, and latest trends are a few deciding factors when choosing a dress. 

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