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Nemrah Ahmad Favourite writers

Nemrah Ahmad Niazi (Pen name: Nemrah Ahmad) is an internationally renowned and best-seller Pakistani writer. She is, undoubtedly, the most popular writer and influencer among the youth of Pakistan. Nemrah Ahmad was born on 09 September 1990 in Bhakkar, Pakistan. She started reading novels at the age of 15. She started writing at the very young age of 16. Her first story Mere Khwab, Mere Jugnu was published in 2007 in a famous women, ‘s monthly magazine Shwaa at the age of 16. 

Nemrah Ahmad completed her Master’s in English Literature from Punjab University, Lahore. Besides this, she got a religious education from the Al-Huda Institute

Her style of writing is very unique and she incorporates Quranic Verses in her novels. Her writings are always well-researched. Her writings influence youth to change. 

NameNemrah Ahmad Niazi (Pen Name; Nemrah Ahmad)
Date of birth09 November, 1990
Birth PlaceBhakkar, Pakistan
EducationMasters in English Literature
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Writer
HobbiesTo do creative tasks
Marital StatusSingle
Fathers nameRafique Ahmad Khan Niazi
Age33 (in 2023)
Nemrah Ahmad Niazi writer

Novels of Nemrah Ahmad Niazi

Nemrah Ahmad has 10 novels and 3 self-help books on her credit. Her novels are unique and fictional. She writes to motivate, to break society taboos, and to spread positivity. Quotations from her novels are very famous among youth. At present(2024) her novel Maala is ongoing and its first Part is available in book form.

Nemrah Ahmad Niazi novels

Pahari ka Qaidi2008
Mehr un Nisa2008
Saans Sakin Thi2008
Kurakuram ka Taj mehal2009
Beli rajpotan ki Malika2010
Jannat k pattay2013
Maala2022- ongoing

Short Stories/ Novelts of Nemrah Ahmad

Besides Novels, Nemrah has written short stories that were also welcomed by readers. Nemrah wrote short stories to convey positive messages to her audience.

 Nemrah Ahmad Short Stories/ Novelts
Mere Khwab, Mere Jugnu2007
Guman/ Wo mera hai2011
Ahmaq Tamashai2012
Apni Ungli2013

Other books:

Nemrah Ahmad also wrote very famous self-help books. Her book Mei Anmol is a great book to improve your confidence, personality, and relationships.

Nimrah Ahmad other books
Homegirl (a book to teach girls basic skills)2020
Mei Anmol (Self-help book)2021
Husne Anjam (co-authored with Zubaida Aziz)2016
Other books by Nemrah Ahmad

Nemrah Ahmad other books

Nemrah Ahmad’s favorite things;

Nemrah Ahmad,s favourite things are given below, I hope her passionate readers will be glad to know this.

FoodEverything with Qeema (Minced meat) in it, Lazania
NovelHarry Potter
ColorImperial Green
Character from her novelsHashim Kardar (from Namal)
Favorite novel(s) from her novelsNamal & Halim
Zafar Mahmood
Shonda Rhimes

Nemrah’s online bookstore- Zanjabeel

Nemrah Ahmad established her online bookstore Zanjbeel, from where you can order books and fan-favourite merchandise inspired by the novels of Nemrah Ahmed.


Nemrah Niazi took the initiative to connect people with God and she introduced some courses in which she explains Quranic Surahs in her awesome style. Her Quran courses are, undoubtedly, life-changing.

How to connect with Nemrah Ahmad?

Nemrah Ahmad is available on Instagram and Facebook, where she conducts QA sessions with her readers. She also arranges meet-up plans with her readers to meet her. You can follow her on social media to keep yourself updated about upcoming meet-ups.

You can ask your Questions about Nemrah Ahmad in the comment section, I would be happy to update my blog to answer your Queries.

What motivates Nemrah to write?

Nemrah Ahmad says she writes because of 4 reasons;
Writing soothes her soul.
She wants to spread positivity and hope among people.
She wants to portray strong women (Women empowerment).
Her goal is to connect people to God through her writings.

What is the relationship of Nemrah Ahmad with the former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan?

Imran Khan Niazi is Nemrah’s uncle. He is Nemrah’s father’s first cousin.

Why are Nemrah’s Novels not converted to Dramas?

According to Nemrah; she is a novelist, not a dramatist. She thought that dramas would ruin her novels. She also said that she never found such a team that could convince her to make drama.

Which book of Nemrah that inspires her most?

Her book Husn e injam has inspired her most of all her books.

Which books Nemrah will recommend to her readers?

In one of her interviews, she suggests to her readers 5 books;
Harry Potter
40 Rules of Love
Nasim Hijazi’s all books
The Ten Thousand Dollars of January
Ashk e Mamnu (Turkish novel)

What would Nemrah suggest to anyone who wanna be a writer?

She said; Write, write, and write if you want to be a writer. She also suggested to read articles by Caro Clarke.

Are Nemrah Ahmad and Umaira Ahmad sisters?

No, it’s a misconception.

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