10 Makeup Hacks To Look Gorgeous At Your Workplace

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Makeup Hacks

Today everyone is in the race of looking beautiful and prettier to tackle this modern world. The world of beauty is challenging as it’s a time-consuming process to apply makeup on a daily basis. In this regard, make-up hacks turn out to be a rescuer. Simply when you are hurried to get to the workplace do try these hacks to look gorgeous in a short time period:

1. Dry your hair with old T. Shirt

If your time is running out or you have to reach the workplace and you have no time to Dry your hair with a hair dryer. Simply try this hack. First of all, take an old T-shirt and tie your hair properly with it.  Now wipe your hair with it gently. As cotton shirts absorb water and dry your hair faster compared to a towel.

2. Mix Serum with a moisturiser

This hack will help you to look refreshed and bright even without applying any makeup product and will give you a natural charm and glow. Take some drops of moisturizer and add a few drops of serum into it and mix them well. Now apply it to your skin. You will definitely notice a natural glow on your skin. You will also use this mixture as a BB cream by applying some amount of foundation to it.

3. Get dewy-looking skin

To get a dewy skin you have to follow a simple step. Mix a foundation or concealer with a moisturizer or add some Vaseline to it. Now apply it on your face with the help of a makeup blender. This hack will give you a beautiful and natural glow.

4. Use Blending Sponge

Here I’m sharing with you a super amazing hack on how to apply a foundation properly. As you know your overall makeup look depends on the right use of foundation. So let’s have a look at how we apply it properly on our skin. Simple is to apply foundation on the skin and dampen your blending sponge in water. Using a sponge helps you to spread the foundation on your skin properly and it will not leave patches and spots as compared to the use of a finger or brush.

5. Lasting Lip Colour

Have you noticed that your lip color gets faded after some time and it seems too silly and odd to apply it multiple times in a day? If you want to get rid of this stuff then do check this hack. Apply any lipstick of your own choice then take a tissue and put it over your lips to get rid of excess dust. This hack will help out to get lasting lip color.

6. Thick Eyelashes with a Baby Powder

As we know eyes are the main feature of our skin and 99% of people get attracted to others just because of their eyes. Eyes are the reflection of our heart that’s why people give more attention to eye makeup. So, if you want to get appreciated by people, follow this hack. Simply take the baby powder and dab it onto your lashes. After doing this apply Mascara on your Lashes. This hack will thick your lashes and groom your personality.

7. Conceal your dark circles in the right way

Do you have spots and dark circles on your face and are worried about it? Stop worrying and must check out this makeup hack it will definitely be worth paying for. Take a concealer and apply it on your dark circles in a triangular shape. You can also apply it in this way on any other spots of your skin. This hack will help you to hide the dark circles under your eyes.

8. Use a brush handle as a contour guide

Did you want to highlight your features with contouring and have not enough time? Check out this hack and contour your features in a short time and get a perfect look. After applying foundation and concealer it’s time to contour your features. You can use a contour kit and contour stick according to your choice. Take a brush and stick it right below your cheekbone now contour the area you want.

9. Quick manicure trick

Are your nails in a rough condition? and you have no time to clean them properly as it takes a long time. Simply cover it with Nail Paint of your own choice. Apply any nail paint of your own choice and wait for it to get dry. But this will take too much time. So, if you want to do it quickly just apply any nail paint of your own choice and soak your hands in a bowl of cold water and you are done with it.

10. Highlight Cheekbone (Strobing)

If you want to highlight the main features of your face, you must try this hack. In simple words, strobing is the use of a highlighter to light up your nose, cheekbone, and the cupid’s bow. In this regard, you can use both liquid highlighter and highlighter kits.

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