Korean skincare routine

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Korean skincare routine

Currently, a stepping stone in the beauty industry is the Korean 10-step skincare routine. This routine helps achieve glowing and young skin. Korean skincare is a process that relies on prevention principles, aimed at achieving healthy and moisturized skin. The services it provides concentrate on long-term care rather than on instant solutions. It is about the care of the skin, using quality products, and realizing that body care is a worthy investment. Below is the step-by-step guide to the Korean skincare routine.

Oil cleansing

The initial stage of skincare in Korea is oil cleansing. It is an essential phase to cleanse the skin from make-up, sun protection, and excess sebum secretion. Oil cleansing provides benefits because it removes oil-soluble deposits without severely removing the skin’s oil barrier. Some common base oils used are the Jojoba oil, the Argan oil and the Grapeseed oil.

Water-based cleansing

After oil-based cleansing, a water-based cleanser is applied to wash off any other remains like sweat and dirt. This process ensures the skin surface is free from makeup and other remains that might hinder the effectiveness of the next processes. In this step, gel and foam are most frequently used as the type of cleanser.

Try an exfoliator

Exfoliation assists in the elimination of the outer surface of dead skin and keratinizing cells so that creams may be better absorbed. It also helps to promote cell regeneration thus some skin problems such as rough skin will no longer persist. Most Korean exfoliators are mild and do not contain harsh chemicals such as AHAs and scrubs. Rather they have lactic acid, fruit enzyme, and rice extract. Nevertheless, exfoliation is usually applied 1-2 times a week mainly to avoid over-exfoliation.

Extra care with toner

Toner as one of the Korean skincare steps aims at restocking the skin’s pH level and creating a safeguarding barrier. They are not the same as the bitter-tasting toners used in the Western world. The Western toners appear more like an astringent, which is more drying to the skin. Most Korean toners also incorporate skin-comforting elements such as aloe vera, rose water and green tea extract.

Essence (A secret step)

Essence is a rather peculiar stage of the Korean skincare routine which is thought of as its nucleus. Comes in the form of a light, water-based formula, which gives the pores active ingredients with ease. Serums generally include components such as hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, and fermented ones. These components are acknowledged for their ability to fix the skin. Serums and ampoules are dense products that focus on matters such as melanin intensity, fine lines, and pimples. These products are filled with active ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide, and peptides. Serums are used daily or regularly hence a bottle is usually larger than an ampoule. Which tends to be more potent than serums and is used for short-term uses.

Korean skincare routine-essence

Why not a sheet mask

Kang said that the Korean skincare routine would be incomplete without sheet masks. Facial masks are single-use face masks which contain a serum-like substance, thus they work by nutrient-drenching the skin. Such additives can be hyaluronic acid, collagen, and plant extracts, which are also considered to be popular among consumers. A proper course of the sheet masks should be used about 2-3 times a week.

Eye Care

The skin surrounding the eyes is rather sensitive and it is not exempted in terms of revealing the first aging signs. Eye creams in the skincare regime stem from problems such as dark circles, swelling and strains on the skin. Some of the active ingredients used are; caffeine, ginseng and peptides which help firm and lighten the under-eye region.

Moisturization is crucial

The final step is to moisturize because it helps in sealing in all the previous work that has been done to the skin. There are many kinds of Korean moisturizers in the form of gels, creams and emulsions, which are differentiated according to the skin type. It frequently means that they are formulated with moisturizing and calming components such as ceramides, centella asiatica, and squalane.

Sun protection

The last and the most crucial step of Korean skincare is sunscreen. UVB rays cause early skin ageing, dark spots, and skin malignancies thus shielding skin from these rays is crucial. Korean sunscreens are relatively light and non-oily and many of them have extra functions for the skin such as moisturizing or anti-ageing. If you want to know what products should not be mixed while adopting a Korean skincare regimen then read here.

Some extra steps

However, there are other steps which are extra and some which can be added depending on the skin type and care regime of the individuals. For example, a first essence can be used right after washing the face to minimize the skin’s capacity to retain the setting and the subsequent essences. Facial mists can be used in between the application of other products, during the daytime to maintain skin’s moisture levels. A sleepwear mask or a sleep pack, is a strong moisturizer that the skin is put on at night over all the makeup to lock in all the skin treatment from the former day and further feed the skin.

Organic products

One of the greatest things you can admire about Koreans is that they are very experimental with their skincare products going for organic products most of the time. Snail mucin is widely used in cosmetics due to its healing and hydrating properties with skin regeneration and improved skin texture. Cica or tiger grass or Centella Asiatica, is another very popular plant nécessaire for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore perfect for uncomfortable skin. Bees’ propolis is a mixture of resins gathered from plants and bees’ enzymes. It possesses antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics, which may be useful for the treatment of acne skin type.

It also reveals vital elements of Korean culture such as hard work, beautifying oneself and a proper regimen for the Korean body. This is noteworthy that Korean people consider skincare as a vital activity in their day-to-day life that is equally embraced by men and women. The focus on skincare as opposed to makeup speaks to a desire of such women for naturally glowing skin with no blemishes. Korean skincare regime has played a major role in the enhancement of the beauty industry around the world. Thus, such concepts as double cleansing, sheet masking, and the use of essences have become global trends. Thus, with K-beauty, the beauty industry has been motivated to seek new, efficient, and non-irritating ingredients and solutions for the skin.

Final Words

The Korean skincare regime is not merely a list of steps. It is a complete process to get healthy skin with a beautiful glow. It focuses on the factors of prevention, accuracy, and quality of the elements used in the work. Thus, it is possible to provide a detailed description of this routine and demonstrate how its elements can help to turn any woman into a real skincare queen. Korean skin-care routine is an interesting concept that helps to understand its fundamental notions regardless of how deep one is willing to go with skin-care practices.

What are the 10 steps of a Korean skincare regime?

The 10 steps of the Korean skincare regimen include oil-based cleansing, water-based cleansing, exfoliation, use of a toner, essence, sheet mask application, eye care cream, and moisturizer followed by sunscreen.

How to get clear Korean-like skin?

Follow 10 steps of the Korean skincare regime for having glass skin.

Why is Korean skincare good?

Because Korean people opt for less toxic natural products that’s why their skincare regime is goog for having healthy skin.

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