Khaadi Collections and Sale Up To 70%, 50%, 40%, And 30% 2023

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Khaadi Collections and Sale Up To 70%, 50%, 40%, And 30% 2023

Khaadi is one of the famous lifestyle brands in Pakistan. It was founded in 1998. Its First store was opened by its owner Shamoon Sultan in 1999 in ZamZama Karachi. Initially, it was only a brand of handwoven clothes. Within two years after its formation, it became a fast fashion retail brand providing multiple products. After the launch of Khaadi Kids, Khaadi Home, and Khaadi Frangrances it becomes a lifestyle brand.

There are 60 stores in 30 different cities of the country and 17 stores in the UAE.

Khaadi offers multiple sales throughout the year on its different range of products. Here we discuss different categories of Khaadi and sales of up to 70%, 50%,40%, and 30% on products of Khaadi. It is among the top Pakistani clothing brands.

Khaadi Fabrics

Khaadi Fabrics are of excellent quality, classic, cultural, and traditional. Their summer collection range is among the top affordable brands offering summer articles. Its different collections are:

3-Piece Fabrics 

Khaadi 3-Piece further consists of three categories

  1. Khaas Full Suit
  2. Printed Full Suit
  3. Embroidered Full Suit
3-Piece Fabrics Khaadi

2-Piece Fabrics

Khaadi 2-Piece further include

  1. Embroidered Top Dupatta
  2. Embroidered Top Bottoms
  3. Printed Top Dupatta
  4. Printed Top Bottoms
2-Piece Fabrics Khaadi

By Collection

Khaadi By Collection additionally contains

  1. Lawn Collection
  2. Winter Collection
  3. Spring Collection
  4. Sale Collection
  5. The Print Story
  6. Rangeen
By Collection fabrics Khaadi

Ready To Wear

Khaadi provides a vast range of ready-to-wear collections that holds these categories:

By Collection

 Khaadi Ready to Wear By Collection compromises

  1. My Cheerful Summer
  2. Get Set GO
  3. The Romantics
  4. The Khaadi Muse
  5. Gota Girls
  6. Chapter 2
Ready To Wear By Collections

Eastern Pret

Khaadi Eastern Pret collection has multiple kurtas like

  1. Embroidered Kurta
  2. Printed Kurta
  3. Basic Kurta
Ready To Wear Eastern Pret Khaadi

Bottoms & Separates

Bottoms & Separates variety of Ready to Wear category of Khaadi holds

  1. Tights
  2. Pants
  3. Shalwar
  4. Dupatta 
  5. Shawl 
  6. Stoles
Ready To Wear Bottoms & Separates Khaadi


Western variety of Khaadi has many products:


  1. Maxi Dress
  2. Jump Suit
Western Dresses


It contains

  1. Jackets
  2. Sweaters
  3. Sweatshirts
Western Outerwear


Among the Tops collection following are included:

  1. Blouses
  2. Shirts
  3. T-Shirts
  4. Tunics
  5. Tank Tops
  6. Polos
Western Tops Khaadi


It contains:

  1. Pants
  2. Skirts
  3. Jeans
  4. Tights
Western Bottoms Khaadi


Western Scarves Khaadi

Sale products

UP TO 70%

Sale up to 70% Khaadi

UP TO 50%

Sale up to 50% Khaadi

UP TO 40%

Sale up to 40% Khaadi

UP TO 30% 

Sale up to 30% Khaadi

Khaadi Home

Khaadi Home comprises a collection of bed sheets, comforter sets, beddings, table runners, table mats, prayer mats, and cushion covers. Their bed sheets are among the top bed sheets brands in Pakistan.

Khaadi Home

Khaadi Fragrances

Khaadi Fragrances are among the top perfume brands for ladies in Pakistan. Their fragrances are affordable and long-lasting. Midnight Musk is all time favorite among them. They are also forming fragrances for men.

Khaadi Perfumes

Khaadi  Accessories, Shoes & Bags

Khaadi as a Fast Fashion brand is making multiple accessories like, hair accessories, and jewelry among which earrings are more famous among ladies. Their shoes & bags collection is also outclassed, and their cultural and traditional touch is more prominent. They mostly become out of stock after their arrival due to their beauty and uniqueness.

Khaadi  Accessories, Shoes & Bags

Khaadi Kids

Khaadi Kids is among the best kid’s brands in Pakistan. They have a kid’s collection for summer and winter seasons and for all festive occasions.

Khaadi Kids

Summing Up:

Khaadi is an affordable brand in Pakistan. People anxiously wait for seasonal collections of Khaadi. Its products including clothes, home collection, fragrances, and accessories are also available online. 

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