Is sugar scrub good for your skin? Home-made scrub for face/body

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is sugar scrub goof for your skin

Just like we take care of our facial skin it is essential to nurture body skin too. An important way to take care of skin is exfoliation which involves the removal of the upper dead skin cell layer using different products. Mainly, scrubs are used for this purpose. Here we indulge in is sugar scrub good for skin.

We will discuss the potential strength of sugar scrubs for skin, Homemade sugar scrubs, and the negative impacts of sugar scrubs on skin.

is sugar scrub good for your skin

What are body scrubs?

Body scrubs are the exfoliants topically used to treat dull and dry skin—game changer for your rough and tanned skin work by buffing away lifeless skin cells. Think about the way a body scrub reveals vibrant and youthful skin. Generally, a body scrub contains salt, sugar, natural oils (Jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc), and coffee granules.

These ingredients contribute to unveiling healthy, smooth, and radiant skin.

What do the sugar scrubs do for skin?

Body scrubs are the perfect blend of salt, sugar, and other key ingredients that enhance your skin appearance and bring out your skin’s natural glow. These scrubs peel off upper dead and dry skin and leave your skin soft and smooth. Let’s uncover if these scrubs are good for skin or not.

super exfoliant

Exfoliation is critical for healthy skin because if you don’t exfoliate regularly then dead skin cells pile up on skin. This causes your skin to become rough, dull, and dry. To deal with this issue exfoliation is Epoch-making which reveals smooth and radiant. Leaving behind healthy and glowing skin.

Use sugar scrubs for skin exfoliation as they have potential ingredients to remove lifeless skin cells leading your skin to look fresh and smooth.

Make your skin smooth

Sugar scrubs effectively work to remove dull skin and make your skin soft and supple. Dead skin cells make your skin look rough and dry. Proper exfoliation is mandatory to bring out smooth and fresh skin.

Improve skin tone

Consider the way sugar scrubs reveal natural and healthy skin. In fact, The upper layer of skin becomes dead and dry with environmental damage. This upper layer looks dry due to lack of moisture and makes your skin tone dark. Using a sugar scrub will remove dead skin layers revealing a natural even-toned look thus helps to improve your skin tone.

Boost blood circulation toward skin

When you gently massage the scrub on your skin it improves blood circulation toward cells. This blood flow toward skin cells improves skin’s health. Helping natural skin cells to grow making your skin look fresh and glowing

Moisturize dry skin

Environmental damage and sun damage dehydrate your skin cells leading to dry and dead skin. This will not only affect your skin appearance but also inner cells growth. Scrubs deeply moisturize your skin and turn your dry skin to soft and nourished.

Remove ingrown hair

Using different methods of hair removal can cause ingrown hairs to appear that are painful. These ingrown hairs can cause infection too that’s why important to treat. Gentle massage of your skin with these scrub will deeply cleanse skin pores, unclog them, and reduce these ingrown hairs.

Using scrub for face

The use of these scrubs for face depends upon the skin condition. If your skin is sensitive or acne-prone then these scrub will be harsh for your skin.

Never use a body scrub for face as facial scrubs have smaller-sized or finer granules that should be gently used for face. Apply a sugar scrub very gently on your face, don’t over-massage it on your face this may cause redness or other damage.

Thus, the Use of sugar scrub on face needs great care and proper application. If you are not an expert in doing so exfoliate your skin using chemical exfoliants.

3 easy Homemade Sugar scrub

After going through these incredible benefits of these scrubs for skin you may be thinking of spending money on purchasing scrub. But I have another solution for you to save your money. That is to prepare homemade sugar scrubs. Let’s find out the ways to prepare natural scrubs at home.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of sugar with enough quantity coconut oil and mix it to prepare a thick paste. Apply it on your skin and massage it in circular motion on your damp skin. Wash your skin with warm water after 15 to 20 minutes of massage.
  • Take half a cup of coffee and an equal quantity of sugar. Take this mixture in a bowl and pour melted coconut oil into it to make a thick consistency of scrub.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to it. Apply this scrub on body to get smooth and soft skin.

how to use a scrub?

For better results, it is important to use scrubs properly. Here, is the proper way of using scrub for your skin.

  • Wash your skin with warm water to open skin pores.
  • Apply enough quantity of scrub on damp skin.
  • Start massaging your skin in circular motion.
  • Don’t be harsh with your skin and don’t over massage.
  • Continue this practice for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Focus on the areas of skin that need more exfoliation like knees, elbows, etc.
  • After massage wash your skin with warm water and apply any moisturizer.
  • Use scrub 2 to 3 times a week and follow this practice.
is sugar scrub good for your skin-how to use scrub

Side effects of scrubs

Generally, sugar scrubs are safe to use and do not affect skin. But, for some people these scrubs can cause some side effects too. These risk are listed below.

  • If you have sensitive skin these scrubs can cause irritation or redness.
  • Over-exfoliation can also cause skin damage.
  • Your skin may be allergic to some ingredients available in scrubs.

To minimize the risk of these side effects it is important to do a patch test before using any scrub. To prevent skin allergies first read the ingredients list of scrubs. If homemade then choose the ingredients wisely.


Sugar scrubs are game changer for rough and unhealthy skin. They exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, nourish your skin, and make your skin healthy. It deals with dry skin and makes your skin even-toned.

If you are worried about rough and dry skin on your body or face and want soft and supple skin. The easy way to do so is to add sugar scrubs to your skincare kit. But, keep in mind with these many benefits of sugar scrub there may be some side effects too. Especially for people with sensitive skin may feel irritation or redness. Thus, It is essential to do a patch test before using any sugar scrubs.

Thus, add sugar scrubs to your routine and enjoy the way to soft and smooth skin.

Are sugar scrubs good for skin?

Yes, sugar scrubs are good for skin. They exfoliate, nourish, and revitalize dead skin. These scrubs peel off upper dead and dry skin and leave your skin soft and smooth.

How often should I use sugar scrub?

Sugar scrubs nourish and revitalize rough and dry skin leaning behind soft and moisturized skin.
You can use sugar scrubs 2 to 3 times to exfoliate your skin.

Does sugar scrub lighten skin?

Yes, proper and regular use of scrubs can assist in skin lightening. Using a sugar scrub will remove dead skin layers revealing a natural even-toned look and thus, helps to improve your skin tone.

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