Interesting Facts About Top Pakistani Celebrities

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Interesting Facts About Top Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani celebrities are well known to all, however, some of the interesting facts about these celebrities are less known. Here we will discuss a few facts. 

Fawad Khan

One of the top ranked actors is the first Pakistani actor to win Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut in India, for his role in Bollywood film Khoobsurat. Beside acting, very few people know that he is the co-founder of clothing brand ‘‘Silk by Fawad Khan’’ . 


Mahira Khan

She needs no introduction. She once said that the Bollywood movie Ram Lakhan (1989) inspired her. Her family had no internet in the fashion industry being from medical, business and banking backgrounds, and joining the fashion industry was considered taboo in her family.

However, against all odds, she proved herself as the top ranked Pakistani actress of all times. During her stay in the US for study, she used to work as a cashier at a drugstore. It may also be interesting to know that famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is her biggest celebrity crush with whom she has already performed in the movie Raees


Hina Altaf

Top actress once revealed that her mother used to beat her due to mental illness. Ultimately, she had to leave her house to ensure her progression as a celebrity. Agha Ali, her husband who is himself an actor, has been suffering from ‘psoriasis’ (skin disease) since 2010.


Ayeza Khan

Top actress and model revealed that she took the showbiz career more seriously than ever after her marriage. She has been able to focus on her career by managing her time properly. It really speaks volumes of her understanding with her husband Danish Taimore, who himself is a well-known actor. It must also be interesting for the readers to know that she has never hired a nanny for her kids. During her working hours, her family takes care of the kids. 


Alizeh Shah 

Famous actress desires to work with Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imran Ashraf due to their acting skills. She wants to learn from these actors. In one of the interviews, the actress also revealed that she admires her eyes the most. 


Sana Javed

She has been able to establish herself as a top performer in recent years. She considers Nadeem Baig as her acting mentor. Playing a role in the drama serial Pyare Afzal boosted her confidence. 


Iqra Aziz

Multi-talented on and off-screen-confident actress and model has revealed many facts about her life. She once said that she does not feel pressure from society due to her short height and skin tone. She once revealed that she lost her father when she was only 12 years of age. She also thinks this cyberbullying should stop and it is one of the reasons for stress to celebrities. 



A versatile actress and model is known for her bold style and personality.  She started her acting career purely by chance. She went to watch the shooting of a special drama in connection with Pakistan Day. However, the heroine failed to appear on the set and she was offered the role which she accepted and never looked behind ever since.

Saba is also one of those celebrities who have talked about her love affair openly. She has many times openly confessed that her heart has been broken many times. Very few people know that she also went into depression a few years back. 


Sarah Khan

Well-known celebrity Sarah Khan is the ex-fiancée of actor Agha Ali. Later, Sarah Khan got married to the singer Falak Shabbir, while Agha Ali chose actress Hina Altaf as her life partner. 


Ahad Raza Mir

The young actor is also a talented singer. However, his Cock Studio debut song, a recreation of Ko Ko Korina failed badly with Momin Mostehsan. The audience is eagerly waiting for his new song. 


Summing Up

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