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Hand care routine

Are you curious about an effective hand care routine that turns dull, unattractive hands into vibrant, nourished ones? Here we are, with an amazing, simple, and effective hand care routine. Let’s start the journey to the exploration of hands care routine. Mostly, our hands and feet are exposed to harsh substances and severe weather conditions which badly affect the health of hand skin. That is why, it is pivotal to properly follow a hand and feet care regimen. Here, we will talk about the care of hands.

Step-by-step guide for hands care

Here is the daily step-by-step guide you can opt for nourishment of your hands. This guide is simple and easy to follow as you can follow this routine almost at no cost. Let’s start the regime for turning your hands to beautifull, vibrant, and healthy.

wash your hands

The first step which starts the hand care routine is washing. This will help to remove dirt and pollution from hands and make them ready to pursue further routine. You can also soak your hands in lukewarm water having salt, vinegar, and lemon in it. Furthermore, you can also add any essential oil to the water for moisturization purposes. Soak for a few minutes and wash with plain water.

Never use an alcohol-based soap or hand wash. Such chemicals will affect your skin and make your hands look dry and unhealthy.

Use a scrub

After washing or soaking your hands with lukewarm water the next step is exfoliation. This helps to buff away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and soft behind. You can make a natural scrub at home by using the ingredients present in your kitchen cabinet. For this purpose, take a tablespoon of coffee, with a tablespoon of sugar, and add enough quantity of honey it it. Apply this scrub to your hands and massage in a circular motion. After massage leave the scrub on your hands for a few minutes and after that wash it off with lukewarm water.

use a moisturizer

After using a scrub, allow your hands to dry and apply a moisturizer on it. This will hydrate your skin, nourish dead skin cells, and add value to overall well-being of your hands. Hydrated and nourished skin look younger and beautiful.

wear your sunblock

Sunblock is essential for all exposed parts of your skin. Sunblock will protect your skin from harmful rays of sun creating a shield from these environmental damages. Same as sunblock is crucial for facial skin it is also pivotal for the nourishment of your hands. Sun rays can cause dark spots or hyperpigmentation on exposed hands thus, protect your hands by applying sunblock or sunscreen.

hand cream

The last step mandatory for the wellness of your hands is to apply hand cream at night. When you apply a night cream it gets more time for better absorption in skin. This makes your skin soft and supple but be careful while choosing a night cream and choose one with no harmful ingredients. Moreover, you can also opt for a cream with natural skincare ingredients.

Things to further care

These are simple steps you should keep in mind daily for proper health and nourishment of your hands.

  • Keep your hands and nails clean.
  • Keep your nails short.
  • Don’t use harsh soap or hand wash this will damage your skin.
  • Protect your hands from chemicals.
  • While working with chemicals or other harsh substances wear gloves.
  • Protect your hands from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Always wear moisturizer to make your hands smooth.
  • Don’t overwash your hands.
  • Apply alcohol-free sanitiser.


We work with our hands and neglect their skin. While working, we don’t realize that our hands are exposed to several harsh substances affecting their skin. That’s why a proper hand care regime is crucial which includes proper washing with alcohol-free soap or hand wash, exfoliating with scrub, and applying moisturizer. Never forget to apply sunblock in sun and keep in mind to apply hand cream at night. Following this routine will make your hands vibrant, nourished, and glowing.

What is a good hand care routine?

Here is the best hand care regime you can choose for your dull hands.
Wash your hands and cleanse properly.
Gently massage a scrub on your hands.
Wash and dry hands after exfoliation.
Apply a moisturizer on damp skin.
Wear your sunblock when outside.
Lastly, Don’t forget to apply night cream on your hands for better results.

How can I take care of my hands?

These are the simple steps you can follow for proper care of your hands.
Wash your hands properly.
Apply sunblock and use hand sanitiser.
Apply night care cream regularly.

How can I keep my hands beautiful?

To make your hands beautiful and nourished keep your hands hydrated. For this purpose use a moisturizer and along with this never skin your sunblock. Sunbloch will protect your hands from sun damages.

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