Hair masks for Dandruff

Farat Abdul Razzaq

Hair masks for Dandruff

A dry scalp makes hair frizz and they get brittle due to this. Dry hair looks lifeless. They become vulnerable to damage. Dandruff not only irritates you but also makes you embarrassed. It is not fun to live with a dry, flaky scalp that aches badly. You cannot style your hair by your choice because of dandruff. Dandruff makes your hair dull and untidy. As ready-made masks contain chemicals that make your scalp even dryer, so I am here with the 12 most beneficial Hair masks for dandruff.

Hair masks to get rid of dandruff;

Here I am proposing to you all the most useful hair masks to kick out the dandruff and flaky scalp forever. So, let’s dive into the different types of hair masks;

1. Banana and Coconut Hair masks;

Coconut oil does wonders for your scalp. With its antimicrobial properties, it fights off dandruff and kills bacteria. Lauric acid in coconut oil prevents skin infections and reduces inflammation. Coconut oil relieves your scalp from atopic dermatitis (in which the scalp becomes dry and flaky). Coconut oil penetrates hair shafts and makes them strong. 

Bananas have many benefits for your hair. This fruit is rich in Vitamin B and Potassium. It nourishes your scalp and helps to retain moisture, Bananas balance the skin’s pH, and due to the presence of potassium, it prevents split ends.

Banana and Coconut oil is the perfect combo to eliminate dandruff as banana nourishes the scalp while coconut oil keeps the skin away from infections.


You can combine bananas with either coconut oil or olive oil. Use fully ripped bananas to prepare the mask.

2. Honey and Olive oil;

Olive oil is nature’s gift enriched with Vitamin E that stops hair loss by making hair follicles strong. It also prevents hair breakage. 

Honey is a humectant, that keeps the scalp moisturized.  Honey has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the scalp from inflammation.

This hair mask is very beneficial for your hair as it adds strength and shine to your hair.

3. Lemon and Yogurt;

Lemon and yogurt is another perfect combination for a flaky, and itchy scalp.

Yogurt contains Lactic acid that hydrates hair and its exfoliating abilities clear out layers of dead skin that accumulate over hair follicles.

Lemon works as an astringent. The citric acid in lemon maintains the pH of your scalp (pH changes cause hair follicles to weaken and so hair fall starts). Lemon also helps to unclog the hair follicles. You can also use Lemon oil.

Both ingredients make your scalp clean and make your hair look shiny and soft. This combo works as a deep cleanser of your scalp.

4. Egg Yolk Hair Mask for dandruff;

Egg yolks are a complete package of nutrition for your hair. It is enriched with Vitamin E, and A, and proteins of different types. It nourishes your hair and prevents dandruff. 


Wash your hair with cool water after applying the Yolk hair mask as warm water can solidify/cook it in your hair.

5. Aloe vera;

Aloe vera is the most popular hair care substance. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and contains enzymes. Due to its anti-fungal properties, it helps you to get rid of dandruff. It is used to treat permanent/ stubborn dandruff i.e., Seborrhoic dermatitis.

Aloe vera gives your hair a shiny, silky look, and a velvety feel. 


You can use aloe vera masks alone or with other hair masks’ ingredients.

6. Mayonnaise hair mask for dandruff;

Besides using this sauce in your fast foods, you can add this to your beauty routine. Due to the presence of Vinegar in it, mayonnaise helps to balance pH. It enhances hair growth and nourishes your hair as it is enriched with vitamins A, E, and D which are antioxidants that help you to get rid of free radicles from your scalp. 

Mayo also contains Folate and Biotin.

You can make a mayonnaise combination with sour curd/yoghurt and aloe vera to make the mayo mask more powerful.

7. Milk and Honey;

Ahh! Milk and Honey, are a heavenly contrast for a healthy scalp. Milk contains Iron, proteins, Vitamin B-12, and Zinc; these nutrients not only nourish your scalp but also add beauty to your hair.

Honey contains Keratin protein that makes your hair stronger plus it stimulates cell regeneration and growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey help in damage repair. This hair mask calms your itchy and irritating scalp and conveys your brittle hair to soft hair. Not only this, but it also makes your hair resistant to breakage.

You can use this Hair Mask in two different ways;

  1. Take half a cup of boiled milk and add 2-3 tablespoons of Pure honey to it. Mix the substances thoroughly. Take a spray bottle. Add the mixture to the bottle. And spritz on your scalp and hair. 
  2. You can also use milk cream. Take 4 tablespoons of milk cream and 2 tablespoons of Honey. Mix them to get a smooth paste. Apply with fingers or a paintbrush. 

8. Olive oil and Avocado;

Avocado is rich in anti-oxidants and so helps you to get rid of free radicles and pollutant chemicals that set into your scalp. It is a great remedy to avoid getting split ends. While olive oil prevents hair fall by making hair cuticles stronger.

Avocado along with olive oil forms a great combination for damage repair. 

Note; Use fully ripened avocado to make the mask.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar;

Apple cider vinegar is a great substance to keep the hair issue at arm’s length. It the maintains pH of your scalp that is destroyed by chemical shampoos. It cleans dirt from your scalp and reduces dandruff.


Do not use Apple cider vinegar in concentrated form. Always use it in diluted form. 

Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of water. Add this mixture to a spray bottle and spritz it on your scalp and hair.

10. Fenugreek Seeds Mask;

Fenugreek seeds face mask

Fenugreek seeds are rich in Iron, and Proteins. They are excellent conditioners for your hair.  Fenugreek seeds help in hormone regulation and make your hair thick and strong. These seeds prevent dandruff and itchy skin. These seeds along with lemon clean up the scalp and make it healthy.

11. Onion Hair Mask for dandruff;

Onions contain Sulphur that promotes Collagen production to make your hair strong and long. Onion has anti-fungal properties. It prevents dandruff and kills dandruff-causing fungi.

Onions stimulate hair growth and make hair thick.

You can use this Hair Mask in two different ways;

  1. Cut onions and blend. Make a paste and apply from roots to tips.
  2. Blend the onions, squeeze the paste to get onion juice, and fill it in a spray bottle. Sprinkle in your hair and scalp.

12. Garlic Hair Mask for dandruff;

Garlic increases blood flow in your scalp. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves dry skin. Garlic combats scalp infections and minimizes hair growth.

Garlic along with honey proves to be a great hair mask for dandruff treatment and hair re-growth.

Best Essential Oil for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

These essential oils are extraordinary to keep the dandruff away;

  1. Tea tree oil
  2. Rosemary oil
  3. Lemon grass oil
  4. Cedarwood oil
  5. Olive oil
  6. Coconut oil

How to Make a Hair Mask?

  • Mash the ingredients until they become lumps-free.
  • Mix them and make a paste. 
  • Store liquid masks in a spray bottle and sprinkle on your hair.

How to apply a hair mask?

How to apply a Hair Mask?
  • Apply with the help of the fingers of paint paintbrush.
  • Apply from roots to tips.
  • Apply on damp hair if the mask is oil-free. Otherwise, apply it to dry hair.
  • Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb to spread your mask evenly.
  • Cover the hair after applying the mask with a plastic bag to avoid it from dropping. This also helps in the proper absorption of the mask.
  • Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo and condition after it.


Dandruff can irritate you and cause your hair loss. Mild dandruff can be treated with home remedies and homemade patient, when you start using a hair mask. Use your mask regularly and you will see the desired results. But if the situation worsens, a medicated shampoo may help your scalp.

How to select the most suitable mask for my hair?

Select the best hair mask by trying all the masks. Select the mask that makes your scalp comfortable and dandruff-free. Never select the mask that makes your hair dull and greasy. 
If a mask does not give the desired result after a time. Switch to another hair mask.

Which mask should I use Homemade or commercial?

Home-made masks are pure, chemical-free, and enriched with nutrients. They take not more than ten minutes to get ready to use. So always prefer homemade masks. If you choose to use ready-made masks, look for the ingredients and make sure they are sulfate-free.

Which Hair mask or oil is best to mend split ends of hair?

Nothing can mend the split ends of hair. You have to trim the damaged hair ends. 
A banana hair mask and Olive oil can prevent your hair from splitting ends.

How long leave the hair mask on?

Leave a hair mask on your hair for 40 to 60 minutes. Time can vary from mask to mask. 

How often should I apply a hair mask?

Apply a hair mask once a week. But if your hair is severely damaged you can apply a mask twice a week.

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