Foot care routine at home

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Foot care routine

Most people take care of other parts of body but neglect their feet. But, feet are an important body part and represent your personality realm. That’s why it is important to take great care of our feet as we do of our facial skin or hair. For this purpose, we are here to help for adopt an effective foot care routine you can do easily at home.

Foot care routine- at home

Daily foot care regime

A daily foot care regime will save you from hassle. This helps to improve the skin along with the health of feet giving them vibrant look and work for the overall well-being of their health. These are some steps you can follow daily for proper wholeness of feet.

wash proper

The proper care of feet starts with washing and cleansing. Wash your feet properly as it will remove dirt and debris from your feet. You can use water and soap for cleansing along with this you can also add a few drops of lemon or essential oil to the water tub. Then soak your feet in it and wash properly.


After washing your feet with water apply any moisturizer. You can use feet lotion or other moisturising cream for this purpose. This will assist your feet’s skin to feel soft and supple.

Apply oil on nails

Taking care of feet involves care of nails too. For nails apply any oil and gently rub it on nails and cuticles. This will moisturize cuticles and soften them. This will protect your nails from breakage and nourish them.

Apply sunblock

An important step of feet care regimen is to apply sunblock. Sun exposure makes your feet skin darker and wearing slippers can cause hyperpigmentation. This will make some parts of feet look darker in colour while others will be light. To avoid this situation. it is crucial to apply sunblock regularly on your feet.

Foot care cream at night

The last step of daily feet care routine is to apply a night cream on feet. This will hydrate, nourish and moisturise your feet skin making it soft and smooth. Along with this, it will treat cracked and dry feet.

Foot care routine-daily steps

Weekly foot care regime

Along with, daily feet care regimen it is essential to do a deep treatment of your feet every week. The weekly feet care routine includes deep moisturization, exfoliation, and some other steps. Let’s discover these steps in detail.

Soat in water

Take a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of salt along with apple cider vinegar. Add these three ingredients to hot water tub and soak your feet in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will make you feel good and soften your feet skin.

Exfoliate your feet

Another important step for proper caring of feet is exfoliation. Use a scrub for exfoliation of dead skin cells. You can also prepare an exfoliator at home by mixing a tablespoon of coffee along with sugar and honey. Gently massage this scrub on feet and wash after 5 to 10 minutes.

Trim your nails

If you have long nails, take proper care of them. Clean them properly, apply nail oil, together with this trim your nails when needed.

massage you feet

Use a massage cream or feet lotion to massage your feet weekly. This will moisturize your feet skin. Personally, I recommend to weekly massage your feet with vaseline especially cracked heels will heal faster with vaseline. Feet massage will relax your body and reduce tiredness.

Apply foot mask

The last step you can do for the weekly care routine of your feet is to apply a feet mask. This step will add value to the health of your feet skin making it vibrant and smooth.

Some extra caring steps

Here are some extra steps you should look after for perfect health and care of your feet.

  • Always choose comfortable shoes.
  • Wear socks, made up of breathable fabric like cotton.
  • Choose the right insoles for your feet.
  • Do foot care exercise daily.
  • Take a Podiatrist appointment for proper treatment of feet.
  • You may also apply a peel once a year.


Taking care of feet is not Lavishness, it is crucial similarly, as we care for another body part. Feet do not only help you to walk well but also add charm to your personality. A weekly and daily Foot and hands care regime is crucial for better health of the body parts exposed to sun. Daily foot care regimen involves proper washing, cleansing, moisturizing, and applying daily feet cream at night. Moreover, weekly feet care routine many steps as exfoliation, applying a foot mask, or soaking feet in salty water.

Use feet care routine and enjoy beautiful and healthy feet.

How to take care of feet t home?

Wash or cleanse your feet properly.
Apply a moisturizer of feet lotion.
Apply any oul like coconut oil on nails and cuticles.
Use sunblock regularly on feet.
Apply a feet night cream daily at night.

Which five things I can do for health of our feet?

These are five things you can do regularly at home for proper care.
Inspect your feet and treat if any soreness or allergy seen.
Wash your feet daily with hot water and soap.
Moisturize your feet with feet lotion or any other moisturizer.
Try to wear comfortable shoes and socks.
Apply night cream daily.

Which is best care for feet?

Proper cleansing,moisturizing, applying sunblock, and taking proper pedicure weekly will be best for your feet.

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