Different Methods To Take Care Of Your Hands

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Different Methods To Take Care Of Your Hands.

The importance of hygiene and beauty can not be overemphasized. Taking care of your hands forms part of the basics of personal hygiene. Hands may be the most often used organs of our body which require extra care. This article will discuss different ways and means to protect our hands.

Wash Your Hands

It’s compulsory to keep your hands clean.  For washing hands we should use a moisturizing hand wash or soap. But washing hands with antibacterial, normal dish soap should be avoided because they contain harsh chemicals and perfumes. The skin of the hands becomes dry due to the use of antibacterial soaps.

Hot water can also dry the skin. To avoid stripping natural oils from the skin, we should use moisturizing and hydrating hand-wash liquids and soaps that contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and olive oil. Luke warm water is best for washing hands.

Washing Hands

Cleaning and Trimming Of Nails

Although you wash your hands properly, there may be dirt and germs under your fingernails which may not rinse away. While washing your hand you should use a good quality nail brush and move it along the entire nail so that all the dust and germs should be removed by scrubbing this.

By using cuticle remover you can keep your cuticles of the nails neat and clean. Cuticle is a thin layer of skin around your nails, You should never cut your cuticles, the skin may get infected.

Trimming Nails

Use a nail clipper to keep your nails in fine shape and length. After trimming nails use a crystal nail file, or gentle emery board to give them a neat and well shaped. You can apply your hand cream on your nails to keep the moisturized or use Vitamin E oil around the skin of your nail so that it targets them directly.


After washing hands thoroughly use a good moisturizer at least thrice a day. Use extra moisturizer during winter as winter tends to dry out the skin. In summer, use a light non-greasy moisturizer if you have oily skin. While in winter use something heavier like body butter and olive oil according to your skin type. 

It’s good to use moisturizers after baths, dishwashing, and after scrubbing or exfoliating. Applying moisturizer on wet skin helps to regain the natural hydrating effects of skin on the hands. In winter sometimes moisturizer or not enough so hand balm may be needed to prevent your hands from severe damage and dryness.



By the use of exfoliating agent, we can get rid of rough, dry, and dead skin. Exfoliation is an important step in hand care. Different types of exfoliators are available in the market. Home-made exfoliators also show tremendous effects on the hands and skin. 


By using natural ingredients like lemon juice, honey, sugar, and olive oil homemade exfoliators can be formed. After using them one can achieve the same goals as by spending a handsome amount of money buying costly exfoliators. Scrubbing hands, once a week makes them soft, healthy, and craked-free beautiful looking skin.


Massaging your hands not only improves their physical appearance but also provides significant health benefits.

According to several studies massaging hands regularly shows a lot of health benefits like Pain relief, mood lift, increased grip strength, and reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. Massage of hands can be done with different oils and hand creams, which gives them an instantly soft and glowing look.


Protecting Hands

The use of sunscreen is very important for hands. Just like the rest of the skin, hands also require a good protection shield from sun damage like dark spots that make them look uglier and older. By using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day one can protect their hands from the sun.

Protecting Hands

Wearing gloves while doing chores is also as much important as applying sunscreen. By wearing protective gloves while doing different house chores like washing dishes, working with tools, and doing yard work, hands remain protected from damage.

Rubber gloves give protection while dealing with water, cloth gloves can be used during gardening, and leather gloves can be used for difficult manual labor like working with heavy tools. Hands should be protected from cold weather by wearing knitted or leather gloves.


Being moisturized regularly hands may not get all moisture that they need. Using a hand mask weekly can give them a boost of hydration that keeps the hand’s skin soft and healthy. Apply the hand mask on clean skin and leaves it for the specific time mentioned on the packaging of the mask.

Wash it off with lukewarm water and apply hand cream to lock in the moisture. A hand mask can be made with leftover fruits and eggwhite, apply the mixture on your hands and rinse with water after 20 minutes.


Wrapping Up

Taking care of your hands does not require too much deliberation. Just build a routine that works for you and stick with it regularly. Hands are the most visible parts of our body and giving a few minutes of your skincare routine to your hands makes them look and feel beautiful and younger.

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