Dark circles causes, prevention, treatment

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Dark circles, Causes,prevention, treatment

Don’t you want to compromise on your beauty because of dark circles? Or you are worried if they are a sign of any clinical problem. Here, I am with answers to all your questions. For some folks, dark shades around eyes are never fun, they feel like they are not attractive with these natural smoky eyes.

What are dark circles?

Dark circles also called Periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH), are the dark areas under your eyes. The Periorbital hyperpigmentation appears darker than normal skin tone under your eyes. They appear on people of all ages and races. Most people don’t like dark shades around eyes because they make them seem tired but You will be surprised to know that poets have glamorized dark skin around the eyes. Here I found something worth sharing;

Those dark circles, Around her eyes,

Speaks volumes about, The darkest demons,

She fights  Every night.      (Nila)

What causes dark circles?

Dark Circles, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Dark skin under the eyes is formed for many reasons but keep calm as these are not related to serious medical issues. We will go over the different reasons that may result in dark skin under the eyes.

1. Hyperpigmentation:

 A pigment in humans called melanin is responsible for skin tone, the more pigment is formed, the darker the skin tone. The accumulation of melanin under your eyes causes dark skin.

2. Overexposure to sunlight:

The sunlight stimulates the production of melanin pigment that causes hyperpigmentation as a  result dark shade under the eyes is formed.

3. Aging causes dark circles :

Aging causes the skin to loose and thin under the eyes and blood vessels under the eyes become visible, making the skin under your eyes dark.

4. Genetics causes Dark circles:

Sometimes the reason for dark shades lies in genetics. In some families, dark shade around the eyes prevails more than others.

5. Fatigue & Sleep:

Not enough sleep or oversleeping is also a major reason for pesky dark shades around the eyes. Fatigue and restlessness also contribute to it.

6. Dehydration:

Drinking not enough water is a major factor in black circles.

7. Lifestyle factors:

The style of living is also an important factor in causing black circles i.e., Consumption of Alcohol, smoking, etc.

8. Allergies:

Sometimes dark shades are formed due to allergic reactions. Histamine is released to cope with invaders and cause allergic reactions. These allergies may lead to redness and dark shades.

  • Malnutrition also causes dark skin under the eyes.
  • Sometimes dark areas are an indication of Iron deficiency, Anemia, and Vitamin B12 deficiency. But it happens rarely.

10. Eyestrain;

More screen watch time causes eyes to strain because of tiredness. The fluid under the eyes accumulates and causes dark areas under your eyes.

11. Dermatitis:

Eczema(dry and rough skin) and eyelid dermatitis may lead to dilated blood vessels and cause Periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH).

Prevention and Treatment of Dark Circles:

The dark circles can be treated by taking the following measures.

1. Use more pillows to keep your eyes slightly up so that fluid does not accumulate under your eyes and prevent dark circles from forming.

2. Get proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily. Do not oversleep or less sleep as both factors are a risk of dark circles.

3. Cucumbers on your eyes work as anti-oxidants that soothe puffiness and hydrate skin. These are the best remedy for dark areas under your skin. The natural astringent properties of cucumber reduce puffiness and swelling and its cooling effect constricts the blood vessels. And, keep away the dark areas under the skin, if you use cucumbers regularly. Cucumbers are also a great help to tired eyes or eye strain.

4. Ice cubes contract blood vessels so blood flow decreases, eyes relax and dark patches do not form under the eyes.

5. Use of Makeup may help you to hide dark shades temporarily. Facials also lighten them. The use of eye creams also helps to reduce them.

6. Apply sunscreen when going under the sun.

7. Drink water 8-10 glasses daily to keep yourself hydrated.

8. Rosewater is rich in antioxidants and reduces dryness and redness in or under the eyes.

Medical Treatment of Dark Circles

Medical treatment includes laser surgery, Carboxytherapy (to increase blood flow under your eyes), and Chemical peel therapy (to reduce pigmentation). But remember that dark circles are not related to any health issues.


Dark shades around your eyes may be permanent or temporary depending on the reason behind them. These are neither threats to your health nor the indication of any medical issues in 99% of cases. You can reduce and lighten them for beauty and cosmetics reasons. These may appear in all age groups but are common in old people. If you can not get rid of these dark highlight around your skin, do not worry as it is said; 

  “Dark circles are like tattoos under your eyes, they tell a story and make you look edgy.”

What are dark circles?

Dark circles are the dark areas under your eyes. The dark circles appear as a darker-than-normal skin tone under your eyes. 

Are dark circles an indication of any health problem?

These are neither threats to your health nor the indication of any medical issues in 99% of cases. 

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