Dananeer Mobeen – 12 Unknown Facts About Her

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Dananeer Mobeen – 12 Unknown Facts About Her

Dananeer Mobeen is a most popular Pakistani actress and social media influencer who got instant fame after her viral video “Pawari Ho Rae Hae”. In the beginning, she was just known as a Pawari Girl. But in a short period, she has grabbed a good reputation and recognition as well. So let’s have a look at Dananeer Mobeen – 12 Unknown Facts about her:

Birth Place & Childhood Stories

A 22 years old influencer, an overnight sensation Dananeer Mobeen was born in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 27, 2001. According to her mother, she was a quiet naughty girl and has been fond of cooking since her childhood. Her mother also disclosed that she used to break a lot of things at an early age.

Dananeer Birth Place & Childhood Stories

Is Dananeer Pakhtoon?

Well, the gorgeous girl, Dananeer is a Pukhtoon as she belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In various interviews, she talked about her ethnicity.

Is Dananeer Pakhtoon?

Her NickName

The Nickname of the cutest Girl Dnanaeer is Jeena. She says her family and friends call her by her nickname. She also added her Nickname Jeena in her Instagram bio.

Dananeer Mobeen  NickName

Her Education

Dananeer completed her schooling at Roots Millennium Schools, Khyber Campus Peshawar. Now she is completing her graduation in Film & Digital Arts in Peshawar. Her degree is basically about art and culture and she has been doing various content-creating tasks on social media.

Dananeer Mobeen Education

Want to Serve her Country

Recently in an interview, when Dananeer was asked about her future goals then she admitted that she did not quit her future goals due to her fame in the TV industry. In various shows, She said “ I am a career-oriented person and am also focusing on my education. Later on, she said she has plans to take CSS exams as well. She aspires to join the Civil Services of Pakistan and serve her country.

Dananeer Mobeen Want to Serve her Country

Her Military Background

Dananeer Mobeen is the daughter of an Army Brigadier. Her Father is a Doctor of the Army Medical Corps and in various interviews, she talked about her military background. She cleared that her father said, it isn’t her profession as the Army is a tough place to tackle.

Her Military Background - Dananeer Mobeen

A Vlogger Before Viral Video

Dananeer is an established vlogger and was doing her daily vlogs and makeup tutorials before getting famous. Before her video goes viral, she had more than 1 Lac Instagram followers. Dananeer says that earlier than the viral Pawry video she decided to become an influencer. She claimed that yes, the Viral video helped her a lot with her career establishment.

A Vlogger Before Viral Video- Dananeer Mobeen

Dananeer Mobeen’s Other skills

She has a melodious voice and she is in loves to sing. Dananeer Mobeen has often sung various songs on Instagram reels on her follower’s demand. She says that soon she will release her song once they will get ready.
She is also good at Painting. She said whenever she is anxious, she starts painting and gets her mind peace. By doing this she forgets everything else. Here I’m going to share her self-made portrait:

Dananeer Mobeen’s Other skills

Getting Sinf-e-Aahan

Dananeer claimed that she got the big project Sinf E Aahan after getting fame from her viral video because Sana Shahnawaz spotted her after that video. In various shows, she said that she becomes part of Sinf E Aahan just because of her father because he is in the Army.

Dananeer Mobeen - Getting Sinf-e-Aahan

Dananeer Siblings

Dananeer has two siblings: a younger brother named Muhammad Nofal and an elder sister named Nafayal Mobeen, who you may have seen in her stories. Dananeer is a middle child.

Dananeer Mobeen Siblings


She says that she loves watching reality shows with KFC and that is her guilty pleasure.

Dananeer Mobeen OBSESSED with KFC

Can speak FOUR languages

Dananeer has a grip on almost four languages including English, Pushto, Urdu, and a little bit Hindi. She said that she’s a beginner in German as well.

Dananeer Mobeen can speak FOUR languages

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