Curly Hair Routine for Beginners- Easy Step-by-Step Guide

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curly hair routine for beginner

We are here to elevate your curly hair care game with a comprehensive step-by-step guide especially, for beginners. Do you have curly hair and cannot maintain its shine, health, and smoothness? Curly locks are difficult to treat as they get dry, tangled, and frizzy very easily. Heat and chemical treatments turn your curls flat and lifeless that’s why extra care and proper regimen are needed for curly hair type. In this writing, we will have a glance at a complete curly hair care routine especially to help beginners.

Curly hair routine for beginners

easy step-by-step routine

Curly hair routine for beginners becomes a little bit difficult but we are going to understand the proper way in some easy-to-do steps. Wavy hair is prone to dryness, frizziness, and breakage

Cleansing first

The first step of wavy hair care routine is pre-washing which involves cleansing your hair to remove dirt and oil. Pre-washing helps to detangle your curls, prepare your curls for further steps, and make your hair care steps more effective. Clarifying shampoo assists with pre-washing and deeply cleanses your locks and scalp.

Shampoo your hair

The second step of the curly hair care routine is treating your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo. Further, opt for fragrance-free, organic, and shampoo formulated for wavy hair. Never use toxic chemicals or alcohol-containing shampoo for your curly hair as it seeps out the natural oil of hair turning your curls into dry and frizzy ones.

Another thing to keep in mind about washing your curls is to avoid over-washing. Wash your hair only when needed because excess washing will damage your scalp and locks.

Apply conditioner

The next step after washing the hair with shampoo is to apply conditioner this will lock moisture, shine, and natural pattern of your curls. Don’t use silicone-containing conditioner for wavy hair as it will dry your curls making them frizzy and lifeless.

Detangle your hair

It becomes difficult to detangle your curly hair but if you do this right after applying conditioner will not be a trouble.

Use your fingers first to detangle your damp curls and then a wide tooth wooden comb.

Be gentle while detangling your curls as a harsh touch can break your hair.

One other thing to keep in mind is to comb your hair while they are damp and never detangle your curls when dry as it breaks your hair and changes the natural pattern of your curls.

Styling product

For styling your curls use cream, mousse, and gel. Apply the products and gently scrunch your curls. The first product you can apply is gel and remove it by scrunching. After that curl cream can curl cream can be applied and then mousse is used for styling your curls. These products will reduce frizz, dryness, and make your curls shiny and healthy.

weekly hair care routine

Curly hair also needs some extra steps to deeply nourish your hair. Weekly hair care routine includes oiling, deep cleansing, and applying hair masks. Let’s have an overview of these techniques in detail.


The major problem of wavy hair is dryness because the curls do not allow the natural oil to move down to the length of hair. This causes dehydration or dryness of curls and your curls look frizzy and dull. This situation needs application of oil and proper massage. Apply enough quantity of oil on scalp and hair and massage properly, allowing the oil to be absorbed into the scalp. Use an oil treatment once or twice a week and wash after 2 to 3 hours after application.

This will make your curls nourished, smooth, and soft. The natural oils for wavy hair are coconut oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, almond oil, and sesame oil, etc. Choose oil according to your curl type and give your curls an oily nourishing treatment.

Hair masks

Weekly wavy hair care routine also includes hair masks. Use hair masks available in the market or prepare a homemade hair mask using simple ingredients.

You can prepare a hair mask for curly hair by mixing an egg with lemon or essential oil.

Similarly, honey and sugar can be used to prepare hair masks. Apply these hair masks to your hair for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with plain water.

Curly hair routine for beginners-step by setp guide

Deep cleansing- deep conditioning

Deep conditioning or deep cleansing is mandatory for curly hair. Deeply cleanse your hair and scalp once a week and along with this properly condition your curls for better moisturization and nourishment.


Wavy hair care needs some extra attention and curls get dryness and friziness very easily. That’s why for making your curly hair moisturized and nourished you have to follow a proper hair care routine. Being a starter your wavy hair care routine must include pre-washing, washing with shampoo, conditioning, untangling curls, and scrunching with some special curly hair care styling products.

Moreover, some extra caring steps should be [performed weekly as oil treatment, hair mask application, deep cleaning, and deep conditioning. Follow this simple and easy-peasy hair care routine and enjoy strong, shiny, and lively curls.

How to manage my curls as a beginner?

Wavy hair needs extra care and as a beginner, it becomes a hassle to maintain healthy curls. These are some tips you can adopt to maintain your wavy hair.
Cleanse your scalp before washing.
Take a shampoo wash only when you need it.
Never forget to apply conditioner after shampoo.
Detangle your hair using your fingers or a wooden comb.
Apply cream, gel, or mousse before styling.
Never comb your curls when dry.

Which products are needed for a curly hair routine for beginners?

You need to choose the right product for your wavy hair which can be done after experiments.
But your curly hair care kit should include a hair cleanser, shampoo, after-wash conditioner, hair gel, hair cream or mousse etc. For further care, you may add a hair mask and essential oil to your curly hair care routine.

What is the order of using products for curly hair?

If your curls do not get proper care they will become dry, frizzy, and lifeless. Thus you have to use proper order of using products best for your wavy hair. Here is the order for using products for curly hair.
1) Pre-wash
4)Curl cream

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