How to treat Bumps after waxing-Reasons and Precautions

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Bumps after waxing

To get smooth and soft skin it is crucial to remove unwanted hair. In this era, several methods or treatments are used to get rid of these hair. The permanent procedures like laser have visible and effective results but they cannot be affordable for everyone. Thus, many people use less expensive methods to treat unwanted hair among them waxing is the most effective. Waxing is an effective and fast way to remove hair from face, arms, and legs. But some post-waxing side effects are also very common such as Bumps. In this writing, we will talk about bumps after waxing.

We will also delve into how to treat these bumps. Furthermore, the reasons behind their appearance, and some pre and post-waxing care will also the part of the discussion.

bumps after waxing


Did you experience red painful pimple-like inflammation on your skin? These are bumps which may be folliculitis, ingrown hair, or any infection with some ingredients of wax.

It is normal to have bumps after wax and they disappear on their own after a day. But if bumps remain after days and are filled with white puss then it is crucial to treat them.

Let’s discuss some pre-waxing and post-waxing care to prevent the appearance of this inflammation.

bumps after waxing-reasons

Before wax skin preparation

It is important to adopt some skincare steps before waxing to avoid bumps. These steps will minimize the risk of any infection or other side effects after waxing. Let’s find out some of these.

Cleanse your skin

Before waxing properly cleanse your skin and make sure your skin is fully dried. This will remove dirt and oil from skin and allow wax to adhere to hair properly. Thus it will make the waxing process more effective and smooth.

Use gentle scrub

Use a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells a day before waxing. This will remove dead skin cells layer from your skin and make it smooth and prepared for waxing.

apply baby powder

Another important step before waxing is to apply a thin layer of baby powder on skin. This will absorb moisture and oil thus this will help wax to adhere hair and prevent any irritation after wax.

Remedies to treat bumps

If you have to deal with painful bumps here are some tips to treat them.

Use Aloe Vera

On red painful bumps apply Aloe Vera gel this has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to treat this inflammation and along with this give a soothing effect.

Try cool press

This is one of most effective way to treat bumps. Immediately after waxing place an ice pack or try a cool press on that area. This will shrink your pores and minimize the bacterial attack on skin, thus lowering the risk of such infection or inflammation.

After wax cream

You can also use an after-wax cream. This will moisturize your skin and protect it from getting bumps.

Cleanse and exfoliate

It is also helpful to cleanse and exfoliate skin after wax. Cleansing will help to remove any wax left behind on skin, and prevent irritation or clogged pores. Thus it protects your skin from damage. Exfoliation will help to remove any dead skin cells, lower the risk of the formation of ingrown hair, and make your skin feel smooth.

Avoid touch

Don’t pick bump after wax as this will worsen the condition. Along with this don’t touch or rub your skin this might cause infection on skin.

use tea tree oil

You can also use essential oils to treat bumps. For example, you can use tea tree oil as it will moisturise your skin and protect it from inflammation.

apply hydrogen peroxide

You can take a warm bath to treat bumps. Take a warm bath after that apply hydrogen peroxide using a cotton ball. It is a disinfectant, protects skin from getting an infection, reduces redness or irritation along with a sooting effect.


Here, are some precautions you should take care after wax.

Limit retinol use

Active substances like Retinol as it will make your skin more sensitive toward infections or irritation. After wax skin is sensitive and retinol is harsh for it leading toward redness or burning.

Avoid makeup

Using makeup after wax is not considered a good practice as many products may be harsh for your skin. It will clog your pores causing acne breakthroughs, bumps, or infections. That’s why wait a while to use makeup after wax.

Dont use glycolic acid

Same as Retinol, Glycolic acid is an active substance that can cause irritation, infection or burning if used after wax.

bumps after waxing-precautions after wax


After waxing bumps normally appear and may vanish on their own. But, if you are facing painful or inflammatory bumps then it is better to treat them. To prevent the appearance of these inflammatory bodies try pre-waxing care steps like cleansing your skin, exfoliating it a day before waxing, and applying thin layer of baby powder on skin.

Post-waxing skin care involves using aloe vera gel, essential oil, or after-wax creams to moisturize or prevent inflammation. Along with this cleanse or exfoliate your skin. Some precautions are also necessary to follow after wax like don’t use active products such as Retinol or glycolic acid. Furthermore, avoid using makeup after wax to prevent infection or inflammation.

How to get rid of after-wax bumps?

If you have to deal with after-wax bumps there are some easy steps to follow. Post-waxing skin care involves using aloe vera gel, a cold compress or ice cubes, an essential oil, or after-wax creams to moisturize or prevent inflammation. Along with this taking a warm bath followed by the application of hydrogen peroxide, cleansing or exfoliating your skin will lower the risk of inflammation or infection.

How much time it will take to fade away redness after using wax?

It is normal to have redness after wax. This redness will fade away after a few hours and maximum it will take 24 hours to disappear completely.

How to treat folliculitis after waxing?

If you are experiencing folliculitis after waxing then take a warm bath using an antibacterial soap will heal your skin.

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