Top 14 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

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Top 14 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Once a time when words like scam, fraud, and cheats pop up in one’s mind whenever people hear about online shopping from different online websites because at that time the concept of online shopping was not very familiar and seemed very impractical.

Due to uncertain or prolonged scenarios of Covid-19 people restrict their stay at home and it has become a blessing in disguise for all online shopping websites because people are compelled to buy their basic needs online.

After all, they can not visit shopping malls physically. And from that time people’s concept changed about online shopping and they get to know that it is also reliable and not a fraud. Before Covid-19 in Pakistan, the E-commerce industry ran gradually but reached its peak during Covid-19. In this article, you will learn about the top online shopping website in Pakistan.

List of Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Following are the Best Online e-commerce websites in Pakistan:

  1. Daraz
  2. Goto
  3. iShopping
  4. Shopon
  5. Best Buy Mall
  6. OLX
  7. Telemart
  8. 24 hours
  9. Home shopping
  10. Yayvo
  11. AliExpress
  12. ShopHive
  13. VMart
  14. CyberMart


Nowadays, if you ask a layman to suggest a popular online shopping site in Pakistan, he would prefer Dara. pk, as it became a household name. You can buy from Daraz, as it has verified Marketplace, acquired by Alibaba Group in 2018.

Daraz is a well-known brand that offers multiple local and branded products with reasonable prices under a single roof. Almost 30,000 sellers are offering multiple products like electronic gadgets, home appliances, fashion, accessories, medicines, auto parts, Kids products, and many other necessities. It’s the only Online shopping website that offers huge discounts frequently on each product.

The speciality of Daraz is that it offers ample choice to order from a store and one can easily rely on Draza and can order from a seller by checking their product reviews. It offers different payment methods like cash on delivery, bank transfer, debit card, easy Paisa, jazz cash, and much more.


Goto is a top Pakistani online shopping website that brings convenient and hassle-free shopping for its customer’s ease. It offers thousands of authentic brand products and a huge range of man’s and woman’s clothes and fashion accessories, home appliances, automobiles, stationary, home accessories, and much more. The specialty of Goto is that it offers free shipping over each order which is above 2000 PKR.


Shopon. pk is an online marketplace that offers hassle-free shopping at home. Among the other brands is Shopon. pk. It tries its best to speed rapidly by offering quality items and services. It sells a collection of items such as trendy outfits, fashion accessories, Personal care items, and electronic gadgets like cameras, smartwatches, laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, earphones, and much more. It offers vouchers and gift cards for Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and PlayStation which makes it special among the other online shopping websites. You can purchase groceries from Shopon. pk all around Pakistan and get it instantly to your doorstep.


iShopping is among one of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan and was founded in 2011. iShopping aimed for providing multiple electronic items to its users at their doorstep at discounted offers. is widely known for its huge range of exclusive high-quality electronic items such as laptops, computers, hardware devices, video games, smartphones, earphones, and other devices. comes under the list of the best online shopping websites in 2023, as for its customer’s convenience it offers a friendly return policy. The advantage of shopping from this site is their one-year warranty on their electronic items. Additionally, you can daily use products to luxury products at the best pricing as well.

Best Buy Mall

Best Buy Mall is a rapidly growing online shopping website in Pakistan that is categorized among the top online shopping websites. It strives to provide a reliable, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experience. The main advantage that it provides to its customers is that they can buy groceries and necessities instantly at their doorstep.

Best Buy Mall offers a wide range of products such as electronic gadgets, medicines, fashion outfits, stationery, skin care products, makeup products, and grocery items like meat, vegetables, fruits, bakery items, and other everyday items.

The speciality which makes it able to stand as the best online shopping website among the other websites is the availability of a wide range of items and empowering sellers who encourage buyers. Moreover, their online shopping app is available on Google stores and Apple stores. You can easily download it on your phone and get updated easily.

OLX is best known as an online marketplace platform that provides the facility of buying and selling used goods. This site not only offers used items but it also has a section for new items. This website is best for those who are looking for unique or hard-to-attain items at an affordable price range.

Olx is a platform that allows individuals to sell their old products, but in this case, the quality and authenticity of the items may vary with customers’ demand.

For buyer’s protection and safety, Olx offers its customers a secure payment system and helps them to ensure a successful transaction. It is reported that Olx attracts more than 200 million active users each month.


Telemart. pk is a prominent shopping website in Pakistan that has been dealing with customers’ online shopping experience and customer service for about three decades. In the beginning, it was just a website that was limited only to providing electronic gadgets.

Later on, they expanded their business by adding diverse products such as beauty and healthcare products, home decor accessories, men, women, and kid’s clothing. To encourage people and make shopping more convenient for its customers, Telemart started providing a free discount card/app.

To retain consumer trust and create a loyal community, Telemart is delivering quality products with a catalog volume of about 150,000 items from different manufacturers, local vendors, and famous brands.

24 hours is the fastest online shopping site in Pakistan, launched in 2014 that offers exclusive discount offers on high-quality items. One of the great features that make it stand high among other brands is its 7-day return exchange policy. provides its customers with a huge variety of product sections, which include items like Mobile & Accessories, Man’s & ladies’ Fashion Accessories, Home & kitchen products, automobile items, electronic gadgets, stationary, etc. apart from these facilities the brand also allows its customer to order any feasible time as the store remain open round the clock.

Home shopping

Home Shopping is a reliable Pakistani online shopping website that encourages customers through its attractive price range. Due to their impressive price range and product quality, no one can beat this online website. It is the most suitable site for people who want quality products at cheap prices.

It is one of the most suitable online shopping sites in Pakistan, for those who want quality products at a cheap price. The main feature of this site is that here you get all items you do not find anywhere else. To encourage customers they also provide a one-year repair warranty on its electronic products. They provide a wide range of products like home decor, books and stationery, mobile accessories, men’s and women’s fashion, and kid’s toys.

For travel and tourism enthusiasts, They have a separate section for travellers and tourism enthusiasts to find hotels in major cities of Pakistan. They also offer flexible payment methods and free home delivery for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Yayvo is another popular shopping site, which is from Pakistan’s top courier company, TCS. It provides a wide range of items, such as clothing, computer accessories, home appliances, electronic devices, and much more.

You can also buy groceries from, and they will be delivered within 3 hours in selected areas. You can shop for outfits for Men, Women, and Kids both stitched and unstitched from different brands at very affordable prices. In the woman’s fashion section, you will see clothes, makeup products, and personal care items from well-known brands at very reasonable prices.


AliExpress is a sub-part of Alibaba Group. Alibaba and AliExpress just differ in one way, that is you can buy wholesale products on Alibaba and buy single products or items from Aliexpress. AliExpress is one of the top best online shopping websites in Pakistan which keeps more than 100 million different kinds of products under one roof. One can find out any product from Aliexpress that he or she just thinks of.

Aliexpress has now become a global marketplace and you can get these products easily from Aliexpress i.e. electronics, home appliances, outfits, luggage, shoes, healthcare products, beauty products, autos, and an infinite range of many other useful products.

Due to its versatility and exclusivity in its products, people love to shop for items from Aliexpress as compared to many other online shopping websites. Every seller from local or home-town entrepreneurs to international entrepreneurs can be seen on AliExpress.

ShopHive is one of the oldest and a prominent online shopping sites that has been dealing since 2006. It is considered one of the pioneer e-commerce sites in Pakistan and it provides a diverse collection of products like home appliances, electronic gadgets, health and beauty items, office products, and much more.

ShopHive is well-known among customers for selling products from authentic and famous brands in Pakistan such as phones, watches, cameras, laptops, keyboards, scanners, and other products. The other feature of Shophive is its versatile collection of computers. One can buy different computer types like Dell, Hp, Lenovo, etc in the very cheapest price range.


Vmart. pk is the most popular online shopping website in Pakistan that offers a flexible online buying and selling platform with the fastest delivery time. Like TeleMart and Homeshopping, it also focuses on electronic equipment including phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, home appliances, graphics cards, office supplies, etc.

To attain customers’ attention they provide genuine branded products of premium brands like Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, and TravelMore.

CyberMart is an emerging online shopping website in Pakistan that is a marketplace for every product. CyberMart aims to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world under one roof. It offers a diverse collection of original products at both retail and wholesale prices, including electronics, home decor, Furniture items, skincare products, and man’s and woman’s clothing.

Apart from the main section, CyberMart also offers other essential products like footwear, handbags, toys, stationary, kitchen accessories, mobile phone accessories, electronics appliances, and ladies’ accessories. To encourage customers they offer a return policy and ensure fast delivery. Along with this, CyberMart also offers discounted offers to become a favorite shopping website of Pakistani people.

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