Is Arnica oil Good for hair? Key benefits and side effects

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Arnica oil for hair

Oils extracted from natural plants, flowers, or seeds benefit hair and skin. These oils are considered a safe choice rather than other synthetic products. As they are free of harmful chemicals, gentle for skin and hair, and have fatty acids able to moisturize cells. Here, we will delve into an amazing oil named “Arnica oil” and we will see its benefits for hair.

Arnica oil for hair

Extraction on Arnica oil

Arnica Montana plant produce arnica oil. The plant has bright yellow flowers which are used to extract the oil. Maceration, Solvent extraction, and other combined extraction methods can be used to extract Arnica oil from Arnica flowers.

Alpha-pinene, germacrene D, spathulenol, Cumene, p-cymene, p-cymene oxide, fatty acids, and decanal are the key components of Arnica Oil. These components of Arnica Oil are beneficial for hair in multiple ways. Let’s find out how these ingredients work.

How does Arnica Oil work for hair?

Over time, Arnica oil has become amazingly popular in the haircare world. But more research is needed to explore more perks of it. It can be a game changer for your hair as it nourishes, moisturizes, and cleanses your scalp making your hair healthy and shiny. Furthermore, It also reduces hair loss, treats dandruff, and protects your hair from premature hair greying. Some of positive effects of arnica oil on haircare routine are listed below. Let’s dig into the details.

Treat hair loss

Arnica oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to boost blood flow toward scalp. It is believed to have potential to strengthen hair follicles and treat hair fall. But scientific evidences are still needed to confirm this statement.

Treat hair greying

The oil has Helenalin, Thymol, flavanoid, and Sesquiterpene lactones. These components are active compounds with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants protect your hair from oxidation reactions thus helping to shield from premature hair greying.

Cleansing and hair growth

The oil also has potential to cleanse scalp and reduce dirt and other pollutants. In this way, it purifies your scalp, provides it with essential nutrients, and helps your hair to grow fast.

Reduce dandruff

Antioxidants in Arnica oil help in reducing dandruff. These potential ingredients of oil nourish scalp and treat irritation and dandruff. Thus contributes to maintaining natural luster of hair.

Moisturise hair and scalp

The oil is packed with active fatty acids to soften your scalp and make your hair to look smooth and soft.

Reduce frizziness and improve shine

As the oil moisturizes scalp and hair thus able to treat dryness. in this way, it assists in maintaining frizziness. This is a powerful remedy to make your locks look smooth and shiny.

Reduce irritation and Inflammation

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and embedded in Arnica Oil. These properties help treat irritation, and inflammation of scalp along with soothing it.

Arnica oil for hair-benefits

Side Effects

As regards all the benefits of arnica oil, still further research is required. If you swallow arnica oil, be careful, it’s poisonous, so it’s only used for topical use. Therefore, do not take arnica oil internally or on broken skin as it may be dangerous to your skin. Seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea may occur if Arnica oil is swallowed. The side effects eventually may also lead to coma or death so take great care while using arnica oil.

How to use arnica oil?

As Arnica oil is harmful for health if ingested thus needs great care while using it. There are some ways to use it for hair care.

  • One way to use Arnica Oil is to mix it with any carrier oil like coconut oil or Jojoba oil. After that apply enough quantity of oil on scalp and hair. During application gently massage the oil for maximum absorption. Wash your hair after 1 hour.
  • Another way to use this oil is to prepare a hair mask. You can use honey or yogurt for this purpose. Take enough quantity of yogurt or honey and add a few drops of Arnica oil to it. Mix it well and apply it to your hair and scalp. Leave it and wash it after 15 to 20 minutes and enjoy shiny and vibrant hair.


Finally, Arnica oil contains a number of benefits for haircare. It is clear that the potential ingredients of Arnica oil can preserve your hair’s natural shine, durability, and health. It’s an epochal factor for your hair as it nourishes, moisturizes, and cleans the scalp to make it beautiful shiny, and healthy. In addition, it helps to reduce the loss of hair and treat dandruff as well as protect your hair from early greying. But while using it for hair, it’s poisonous and requires a great deal of care.

Does Arnica oil can help my hair to grow?

Yes, Arnica oil provides your scalp with essential nutrients, maintains the health of your scalp and locks, and turns your locks youthful and vibrant. Its anti-inflammatory properties protect your scalp from irritation or inflammation, treat dandruff, and gently cleanse your scalp. It strengthens your hair follicles and helps to promote hair growth.

How to use arnica oil for haircare?

One way to use Arnica Oil is to combine it with any carrier oil. After that apply enough quantity of oil on scalp and hair. During application gently massage the oil for maximum absorption. Wash your hair after 1 hour. You can also prepare hair masks with this oil to provide your hair with its benefits.

What does arnica oil do for healthy locks?

This oil is used in haircare regimes and helps to give healthy, shiny, and vibrant hair. Being a great moisturizer it nourishes your scalp, prevents hair loss, and reduces premature hair greying. Furthermore, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that amazingly treat irritation, shield your scalp from dandruff, and reduce hair fall. In this way, this oil assists in hair growth.

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